Lady Gaga + Nick Knight + Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2016 – I Want Your Love

You gotta watch this!! It’s LEGITERALLY (remember the word I made up!? Literally and legitimately at the same time lol!!!) EVERYTHINGGGGG.. The song is fabulous, the clothes are fabulous, the models are fabulous (OH HEY LUCKY HOW YOU ZOIN BABY BOO BOO), the dance moves are just absolute YASSS QUEEEENSSSSSS!!! across the board… Love this, haven’t stopped playing it on repeat!!



Tom FordCutler And GrossBalenciaga

Jay Jay has got a new VU – Thanks to fellow Canadian (Montreal to be exact) brand VU Sunglass – a new luxury designer eyewear shop – I finally found a new pair of sunglasses that I am as equally obsessed with like my vintage Gianfranco Ferre’s! Thanks to VU Sunglass’ new #HTO Home Try On Experience – You can order 3 pairs of sunglasses with discounts on each pair, get them at home, try them on, see which ones are your favourites and return the other sunglasses that don’t work! It’s kinda genius actually.. I wanted to try something new so I went for a thinner more pilot/aviator style… I ended up falling in love with these sick Cutler And Gross 1138 Woodgrain’s – They are LEGITERALLY!!!! (literally and legitimately at the same time!) my new obsessions!!!!!!! VU has some seriously dope brands and styles… It is an extremely sexy curated library of eyewear indeed!!!

Check out VU Sunglass
& learn more about the Home Try On Experience


TOM FORD Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

There is something about Tom Ford that just makes you feel rich and slutty, right?
O.k. than no it must just be me… Well that and well dressed, youthful, fun, glam,
and all those other describing words that make people feel good. This campaign is as
simple as it is fun, vibrant, loud, obnoxious, sexy, and wait.. did I say fun?
Yeah, I said fun..

Photography by: Tom Ford, Model: Mirte Maas


Visionaries: TOM FORD

I always say I am obsessed, captivated, fixated, etc. but rarely do I say how truly INSPIRED I am by someone. Tom Ford, has always been someone who is and now without a doubt is TRULY INSPIRING. His outlook on life is so clear and he is so in tune with himself, his elegance, he is so well spoken and knows how to keep such a straight face. There are so many more traits about this man I adore. WHEN THIS VIDEO FIRST CAME OUT I literally died because I couldn’t find it anywhere online, luckily, here it is now. The SPECIAL ON OPRAH’S OWN NETWORK is a 40 minute long documentary of the one of Tom Ford’s most important moments of his career, the re-launch of his career into womenswear. After his 5 year hiatus OWN documents his resurgence to the top of the fashion hierarchy. It’s a little skippy at the beginning but the voice to picture levels out after a few minutes…ENJOY!! xx


VIDEO: Tom Ford Does IT For Pride

Tom Ford, who we still can’t believe is 49 years old had an amazing interview with CNN. Ford touches on Gucci Group designing for YSL and the hate mail that would come in from YSL saying “what you did in 14 minutes down the runway ruined 40 years of my work”.. Whatever it may be, Tom Ford is epic. Video to follow