A Weekend of Pride in New York City with Mastercard, Getting my True Name Card!

What a weekend! I just finished an epic couple of days in New York with my Mastercard family for World Pride festivities! Not only did I get to catch 3,000,000 people participate in an epic parade but I was wowed by iconic performances at Pride Island by Pabllo Vittar, Teyana Taylor & GRACE JONES, (I mean GRACE JONES), which I enjoyed from the Mastercard suite!! I was in awe as she is someone we all know as being a legend so getting to see her perform, especially after how long she has conquered the industry, was such a treat! It was so nice getting to enjoy Pride, eat well and spend some time with friends I haven’t seen in a while!!! 

The undisputed highlight of this World Pride weekend was getting to join Mastercard at Pride Fest and getting my very own True Name card made in real time at Mastercard’s booth! If you follow me on Instagram, then you got to catch this moment as it happened on Sunday afternoon! 

Mastercard recently introduced the True Name card, which is the brand’s commitment to give transgender & non-binary people the ability to have their chosen name on the front of their card. This is an amazing initiative in an effort to avoid those awkward moments I know all too well. As someone who identifies as transgender, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked for a credit card or ID and because it doesn’t reflect how I look or identify myself, have had to deal with a strange double-take. There is nothing worse than having to explain my story in a moment when all I want is acceptance and privacy.

The True Name card gives me the ability to choose a True Name that reflects ME and let it proudly be seen on my card.  This is my choice and my story, and I am joining Mastercard on calling to the industry to apply these standards for everyone, ensuring a way for people’s financial products to reflect their true identity, and to be able to do what they need to do with piece of mind!!!


In The ?

flannel – Levi’s / denim – Diesel / sunglasses – Cutler & Gross

So after our week and some days in The Hamptons (which I still of course have to share) we decided to head down to New York for a night before heading back home! Prior to heading to NY we did some shopping and I found two things I have now not stopped being obsessed with! First, is without a doubt this Levi’s flannel that literally gives me Saint Laurent proportion shivers (a few people actually asked me if it were Saint Laurent) and I was like! LOL NOPE!!! Paid about a thousandth of the price and looking just as good haha!! And then there is this Prada moment that… No.. Can we please just take a few seconds to inhale, exhale and give our YASSSSSESSSSSSS!!!! Can’t wait to give this a full lewk for the Couture shows in January!!!!


NY DIARIES; Met Gala After-Party, Balmain NYC Opening & ETC.

What a crazy week! From the Met-Gala afterparties at Gilded Lilly and then at UP & Down which was literally like BA-NANA’s.. I nearly had conniption over how much GLAM was going on at Up & Down after the Met-Gala… Seriously… What else.. AN amazing little trip up to Madison Hermes, which I haven’t been to in so long because for some reason I never make it past 30th in NY lol!… To the Balmain NYC boutique store opening which was so chic and cool ”Hey Olivier!!!”… TO that all leather Balmain jumpsuit that I literally just can’t get enough of right now!! SLAYY MAAMAAAA SLAAAAAY!!!!!! Just a seriously crazy, fun, productive, exquisite week… And here.. is literally what images/clips I captured from the trip… You know what I say!! Sometimes you must be having REAL authentic fun if you don’t have a lot of pictures to document the night!!! That being said………. Enjoy! XOjay



Hey guys!! If you’ve been following me on social media today then you will know I JUST landed in New York for the official BALMAIN for H&M launch event tomorrow! The morning we will have a press conference with the H&M team and Olivier and then later that evening we will go to the RUNWAY SHOW/PARTY/SHOP!!!! Stay tuned to my instagram & snapchat for all the madness AS IT HAPPENS!!!!!!! You know I got you!! XOJAY



Suede Jacket – Diesel / Leather Pants – Diesel / T-Shirt – IRO Paris / Combat Boots – Docs / Fur Coat – Juun J

I have to say this has really been one of my favourite New York Fashion Week’s thus far! I really feel like as a business I am moving at my own pace (which is such a blessing) – I’ve come to support shows and designers that I have relationships with so my schedule isn’t fully packed and I’m not drained trying to run from North, South, East, West! I’ve really been able to connect deeper with the brands, agencies & people this season! It’s really been such a dope season! This by far is one of my favourite looks which I wore for the Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2015 runway show – Which I can’t wait to share with you. Another favourite from fashion week? My trusty HP Stream 7. If you’ve been following me for some time now then you know that more then likely when I am in New York for Fashion Week I am teaming up with HP! One of my longest lasting relationships and brand partnerships where I share and showcase a new/current HP device! This season it was the tablet which I really have to say came in handy in more than one occasion. I loved the smooth Windows 8 interface (I have a thing for Windows 8 ;)).. I also love that as of right now the HP Stream 7 is the most inexpensive Windows 8 device on the market at $99, which is quite crazy considering it fully runs Windows 8 software! It is literally having a computer in the palms of your hand.. From the quality of the screen display to the speed of the browsing it really came in handy. I think what personally came in handy the most for me was the fact that it runs Microsoft Word & etc. efficiently and since I don’t carry my laptop when I am on the go it was the perfect accessory to carry while on the go and while needing to work on show and event reviews and finish proposals and other documents I had deadlines for while on the go! On that note, what’s great is that it also comes with a 1 year subscription of Microsoft Office as part of the purchase which is so great! Really, considering the price of $99 it’s a seriously useable device! Definitely something I do not have a problem recommending to future tablet shoppers!