Jacket – House Of Nonie / Body Harness – Uncuffed Leather 

Carrying on with my conversation about my conversation about bring androgynous and exploring a new side of myself – I now more then ever since writing that post find myself pushing even further than I ever have! My emotional connection to being concerned with other peoples perception of me when they see me on the streets quintessentially being in full FISH;

In the gay world, more specifically amongst homosexuals, to act or be fishy is to act or be feminine. Also in the tranny world, to be fishy means to excel at being a woman, without much effort. Fishy is an adjective from the noun fish.
#1 – Girl, I didn’t even recognize Jacob, he looked so 
fishy, who did his make-up? 
#2 – Look at Matt trying to be all fishy with those fake eyelashes!!
(source Urban Dictionary lol)
Example A) above.. My outfit I wore to the 2017 CAFA Awards a few days ago now.. I was so nervous leading up to arriving to the event but now in hindsight, I am so proud of myself for unequivocally dressing exactly as I want to and feel the best version of myself in… This is a very proud moment, not only for this and myself but also because I know that when I push these boundaries I am helping open the minds and expose something different to people who may not understand or think something not positive about people like me for being the way we are!! I am really on this whole liberation of the human nation thing right now and am just so happy (although I do still have some fears) that I get to live in a place a city, a world, and a time (not for all, I understand) where I can SLAY THESE HEAUXS TO THE GRAVE and GIVE MORE LOOKS THAN EVER BEFORE!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…. I HOPE YOU wherever you are ALSO have the courage to push yourself to your happy place whether it be make-up/fashion/art/etc… AND I also hope you stay tuned for more of this personal evolution I am on…… XOJAY

Like, Realizing Stuff

2017 is in full swing and it’s so crazy that we are already in February… Where the hell did January already go!? Am I at the point in my life where days fly by, time moves faster? If so, which I think I am because #WELLDAMN.. I am training myself to look outside the window more, smell the air more, smile at people more because all these moments we get that we overlook are, before you know it, going to be gone, and truthfully so, so will we.. So one of my big goals for 2017 is to quite literally in every way possible “Stop and smell the roses” just that much more… Anyways.. Here is a quick little snap from behind the scenes during the cute little photo-shoot I did the other day with NYX Cosmetics here in Toronto WHICH EVEN IN BLACK AND WHITE you can LITERALLY still SEE MA HIGHLIGHTER POPPIN ON MY CHEECK BONES LIKE YASSSSSSS GAWD!!!!! Now.. time to pack my bags and off to the next!! Stay tuned for where 🙂 XOJAY





jacket – Diesel / bag – Hermes / boots – Aldo


IF you know me then you know I love a good pairing of visuals and music so before we carry on with any reading PLEASE press play on the music video below to set the ambiance!!!! O.k. Now that that is taken care of.. I am SO happy because after all these years of going to Paris I NEVER got to do this.. Such a simple little stop on the way to an event that made me literally the happiest.. I have always wanted to snap some photos at the Palais Royale, in Paris and just see it in real life, feel it with my own eyes and spirit and I finally got to!! Another thing that I am super excited about is the full acknowledgement of really finding my sense of style and look for the new year.. My style has really changed over the years, from frumpy and layery to confused and street chic to now what I call…. a…. very androgynous, sexy leather biker, casual but always cool vibe!!! This trip has been like a dream for me because I’ve been able to do it as the new and current me.. AS the me that is this dark and sleek creature, who loves to wear make up and get glam and who is just a lot more young, wild and free!!!… It’s crazy because the older I’ve got the younger and more liberated I feel.. That I must say is truly a blessing of age, aside from of course knowledge, wisdom and experience but it’s crazy because when I think about it I probably wouldn’t of let those attributes reach me without this new liberation so it all comes down to that!! UGH!! PARIS JUST GOT ME FEELIN MAGICAL!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more!! Xo Jay





This trip has been like a dream… Being back in my favorite cities and doing what I love to do!! The city been so exciting between getting to see all my favourite places again and also seeing some shows, designers, familiar faces I haven’t seen in years! It’s so good to be back.. Another plus about this trip is the sense of ease that I’ve been able to have courtesy of my CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Visa Card! Whether it’s been on the go, in between shows, before a night on the town or whatever! I have been able to manage my funds and currencies all on one card from wherever I’ve gone.. I am not just saying this but the CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Visa Card has seriously changed my whole travel game.. In the past, I’ve had to bring a certain amount of cash with me and in some cases under-budgeted for the night or the other way around, I over budgeted and literally LOST my money! Can you imagine the nauseating feeling of literally loosing hundreds of dollars with so many more days to go! #UGH.. Yikes right!?.. With the CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Visa Card you are able to reload your funds from an app right on your smartphone or tablet and exchange your Canadian dollars to 10 different currencies (AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, MXN, USD, TRY & CAD)!!! The way it works is, it locks in foreign exchange rates when you load a currency so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating rates when you travel and you aren’t charged any additional fees when you use the card (excluding ATM fees) – so you’ll know EXACTLY how much you’re spending on every single transaction! Plus, if you ever do need to make an ATM withdrawal, the card will allow one free withdrawal per month, per country. You can use it in 45 countries around the world wherever Visa is accepted, including online!! This card & technology (which comes with chip and pin security, tap-and-pay, and isn’t linked to my personal bank accounts) has really helped manage and budget my funds on the daily and feel secure while here in Paris which has made the trip that much better!! If anything ever happens to the card, or if I lost it for example, it comes with an emergency card replacement service, emergency cash service and protection from unauthorized use, so I know I’m covered and will still have access to cash when I need it. Oh, and did I mention? It’s free! Or $15 if you want it couriered to you. That all said… I have so much more to share from this beautiful trip so STAY tuned as there is much much more to come!!! XOXO BISOUS JAY


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