Jonathan Simkhai Fall/Winter 2017

Probably one of my.. IF NOT.. My favourite collections from New York Fashion Week!! When I saw the crystal pieces come down for the final three looks YOU already know I started shaking in my boots! I literally have never needed anything more in my entire life then I need that crystal jumpsuit on Jasmine Tookes!


BEAUFILLE Fall/Winter 2015

It’s with absolute and undeniable pride and surety, that I can fully state that this is by far one of my favorite Canadian based RTW collections I have ever seen.. It is real, real, cool, it’s fashion and it’s ready to wear. It is the definition of style and it’s is something that needs to make it’s way to New York, London or Paris VVVVVVVVVVVVERY soon!! I love the fluidity and softness of the collection but also the rough-around-the-edges vibe it undoubtedly makes you feel… The heavy strength behind the jackets, coats and vests but then the sharp and light lines that accompany the dresses, blouses, etc. And can’t forget the accessories, from the leather goods to the dainty but punctual jewelry. I love it all… I am sickly obsessed with the crop military-esque black leather jacket (above) and can’t wait to harass Chloe & Parris (the designers behind the label) to wear it one day haha!! I am so proud of my friends!! Congrats on an amazing collection guys!!!

Check out this dope video of the Beaufille Fall/Winter 2015 collection in motion..


The CHANEL Fall/Winter 2014 Supermarket

The exact second that Rihanna started playing I knew it was love!~ Like something out of a whimsically chic, fantasy turned reality and not so fiction fairy tale, Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into one of the most dreamiest and haute-est supermarket’s that the world has ever and probably WILL ever see, with a collection that shantae’d it’s way down the aisles equally inspiring and consuming all of us present at the show. This Fall/Winter 2014 runway show was MY VERY FIRST CHANEL SHOW and what a way to be introduced to the world of Chanel! The collection was a gorgeous and beautifully done mix and mash of colors, textures, and some of the most inventive accessories that played with the theme of the show to a T. Check out some moments I captured from my view at the CHANEL Fall/Winter 2014 runway show ..


Michael Kors’ Coat from Pre Fall 2014

Call me crazy and say what you want over the fact that I am actually even considering thinking about the end of this year. Not for a glossy New Years or a super chic Christmas gift. No HUNTIEEE, I am gagging because I have just been struck by the Fashion Cupid and have fallen DRUNK IN LOVE over this coat from Michael Kors’ Pre Fall 2014 collection. This is it, if you follow me on social media you’ve probably been subjected to my cries and outbursts over why I can’t find the perfect cocoon-esque coat situation. Well, here it is! Time to go obsess now #SURFBOARDTT


ELIE SAAB Fall/Winter 2013

Elie Saab, king of the red carpet, continues to be one of the only designers who’s mastered the art of blending the perfect amount of sex-appeal, elegance and sophistication. With sheer, barely there fabrics, an eye for beautiful and always tastefully applied embroidery and appliques and just the right amount of skin, Mr. Saab, continues to captivate his audiences with romantic visions of effortlessly ethereal gowns, dresses, and more.

This season was no different in terms of skill and aesthetic, but, it was a pleasure to see new dimension in way of long billowing trousers, blouses and more adorned with luxxe fur jackets, capes, coats and accessories. This season Elie Saab really showed his talent is abroad any expectation. His attention to detail and proportion was well-played down the runway when models glazed the cat-walk in shades of blues and plums, yellows and whites.