CHANEL Chance Eau Vive

CHANEL reveals its new ad campaign for CHANCE EAU VIVE, the latest in the line of CHANCE fragrances, CHANCE EAU VIVE is the first interpretation created by perfumer Olivier Polge with the CHANEL Fragrance Laboratory.. Pursuing his long-standing collaboration with the House, Jean-Paul Goude has once again used his remarkable creativity and imagination to enrich the fresh and playful world of CHANCE with his touch of fantasy and talent for allegory. To celebrate the arrival of this new fragrance to the CHANCE family, Jean-Paul Goude imagined the story of a bold and strong- willed young woman who wants to be on the CHANCE girls’ team. Looking for fun, friendship and a good challenge, she has to prove that she too can take her chance and win. The scene takes place in an imaginary bowling alley. A young woman grabs a bottle of CHANCE EAU VIVE, and throws it down the lane before the astonished eyes of the other three, who are equally determined to win. Strike! She succeeds and celebrates her win. The four women then take another chance, all together: the group has welcomed its newest member.

CHANCE EAU VIVE is a concentration of energy that overflows from the very first second. Grapefruit, already found in the first CHANCE fragrance, brings a surprising touch of bitterness. Habitually short-lived, here it settles on the skin and seems to pulse with a grapefruit-blood orange accord. Citrus fruits immediately set the fragrance’s fresh and energetic tone. Gradually, one discovers jasmine and white musks, which play a key role in the CHANCE family, before the scent of fresh vetiver takes hold of a cedar-iris accord, like a distant echo of the grapefruit. CHANCE EAU VIVE sweeps you up in a burst, revitalizes and sparks desire. For if chance won’t come to you, then you must simply go find your chance…


In The Court

Well as you may know know, I am on such a health kick right now! I started to run, yeah, I run every week, eat good, play various sports, one bing tennis apparently lol.. No seriously, I love tennis! But yeah I am falling more in love with athletic wear, the fit, the comfort, the basic-ness, it’s all been really on the plus side for me so I’ve been incorporating it into my lifestyle and general style now-a-days.. That being said, here is a look I actually rocked for a tennis match last week with friends.. I don’t know if it completely was the best choice for the game but it served it’s purpose to it’s fullest ability haha! And hum, obviously certain elements didn’t make it on to the court exactly, per say, lol.. I do not play tennis with Chanel cross-body bags on haha


Preview: In The Court

Had a fund day snapping some cool athletic/chic snaps with some new Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 accessories in between a legit tennis game the other day here in Toronto! Here is a little preview of what to expect in the upcoming pics that I will roll out this week! Stay tuned!


CHANEL Cruise 2015/16 Collection – PARIS to SEOUL

Do you now what’s always just a dream? The Cruise & Resort seasons for the MAJOR fashion brands (you know what I mean)…. They are literally like dreams, whisking you away to foreign lands, often rich with culture, or exuberayting luxury… There is always some strong energy wherever a cruise or resort show takes you, especially when it comes to Chanel! The energy is electrifying, you know you are going to get taken to a world where it will be like something you’ve never experienced! Last week at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Chanel showcased a 95 #LEWK Cruise 2015/16 collection featuring “classic Korean roots being adapted to today” as stated by Uncle Karl! I noticed that there was the classic Chanel aesthetic with a more voluminous shape.. There were the always insane details, if you looks closely at some of the patterns on the textiles, they are actually Korean writing! How incredible right and the beautiful pops of colour we could only imagine Chanel executing to this much perfection… In an interview Uncle Karl broke down his vision for the Cruise 2015/16 collection perfectly sharing that “Korea is…mysterious, less known in a way so I saw it was the right moment to do it.” He also added, “I love traditional Korean clothes, materials, patterns. The concept is modern, international version of typical Korean mood, how we see it for the modern 21st century but with inspiration from the past.”

images via STYLE.COM


The Routine

1) Laura Mercier – Radiance Primer ~ 2) Chanel – Les Beiges, Glow Fluid (Shade 50)
3) Chanel – Perfection Lumiere Velvet Make-up Smoothing Cream – 4) MAC – Dark Deep, Bronzer

Ok I am finally deciding to open pandora’s box and share and showcase my make-up products I use every day with you all. It’s not that big of a deal to be honest. It’s quite simple but I have to say that the result is pretty great! I went from having horrible skin growing up to getting compliments nearly any day I go out. Another plus is that I use this regime throughout the year and don’t change to fit seasonal discrepancies. That being said, say hello to my little friends! Maybe I will do a tutorial about how I apply as well! Until then, heres the final proudct.