DATA CENTER CHANEL Spring/Summer 2017

When you think that one… One being, Uncle Karl, could never out do himself.. There he goes again.. Then again, we should know by now, that there is never really any stopping the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld…. For the Spring/Summer 2017 collection runway presentation, Team Chanel, turned the Grand Palais into a digital science center making “Intimate technology” the theme of his collection. It is stated that Lagerfeld’s vision for this collaboration ‘celebrates a woman walking through kilometres of cables, metallic racks and computer cabinets: she is the very heart of the Data Center CHANEL, she who is the final word and the mistress of this digital universe. This season more than ever, with grace and tenderness, femininity takes control in a collection that allies the audacity of lingerie and the comfort of tweed. The Spring-Summer 2017 CHANEL woman wears her babydoll and negligee in silk and lace. And over that she nonchalantly sports a tweed jacket with rounded shoulders, long sleeves and wide lapels, and a pair of culottes zipped at the front and back. She wears a robot-clutch.’ – All in all I have to say THAT LITTLE MINI ROBOT CLUTCH IS EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I said on social media ‘let the OCD’ begin.. I can imagine it’s already pre-ordered to the gods and back!!!! Can’t wait to see these looks (my favourites above) come to life in campaigns, editorials and more as the time comes! Happy #PFW!



CHANEL Haute Couture AW 2016/17

How is it that every time Karl Lagerfeld puts together a show it captivates more then the last? This season for Chanel’s autumn/winter 2016/17 haute couture runway show, Karl Lagerfeld gave me chilling but beautiful flashbacks of the days I spent roaming the halls of the Metiers d’Art Ateliers LESAGE & LEMARIÉ… The collection itself was yet another beautiful array of iconic Chanel silhouettes (slightly slimmed down, I feel for this collection) and of course great details and accessories! Enjoy!!


Your Love Is Fadin’ @ChanelOfficial

Jacket – CHANEL

It’s funny how clothes change moods… How I can feel one way in one look and another way in another.. Take this jacket for example, this beautiful Chanel coat from one of the recent collections just had me feeling on some sort of royal level! The beautiful embellishment, the workmanship the luxurious and rich colour and texture of the coat… Chanel details never cease to amaze me and continuously, continue to inspire and seduce me with their almost magic like ways…

photos x George And Clarke


Chanel’s Spring 2016 Haute Couture

Can you imagine what goes on inside the mind of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld? The sheer and utter non-stop flow of inspiration that spews out of his imagination on the regular.. I am only asking becuase when you think about the amount of amazingly wild and whimsical but oh so fashionable things this man has created to date, especially inside of the Grand Palais, it’s quite hard to believe! For this season’s Spring 2016, Haute Couture collection for Chanel, UNKLE KARL, created a dreamy outdoor garden scene doubling as the runway which would host a series of cocoon shapes and slinky silk silhouettes that would make up the couture collection.. I love and can only imagine the work behind the embroidery and details of this collection! I guess we will wait to get up close and personal in New York for the Haute Couture appointment ;);)


Je Voudrais; Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Chanel Airlines’ Luggage

With the holidays around the corner I am so excited for my annual family vacation to Miami and can’t wait to just get to the airport and fly… That being said, while I was packing for my trip (earlier today actually, I pack in spurts!) I thought to myself, a random thought if I may add, if I had designer luggage what would it be? Then it hit me, HELLO CHANEL AIRLINES! The Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show that took place in Paris transformed the Grand Palais into an airport themed runway fit with check in gates, bag luggage and of course signature Chanel travel bags and accessories.. I loved it, this art de vivre (art of living) was so perfect, chic and definitely, maybe, just maybe a #MustHave for travel!