Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Holt Renfrew, Off-White x Jimmy Choo, launch party here in Toronto. I also had the pleasure of being blessed with those dope AF* white Sara boots, which at first I was a little skeptical about because I mean.. white boots – BUT I feel like white boots are totally having their moment right now and not for anything, I totally fell T.F. (no not TOM FORD!) in love with them immediately. I love how sharp the toe is, I was saying I COULD TAKE THE SIM CARD OUT OF MY DAMN iPHONE WITH THOSE THINGS bhahahaahah!!

images via: Freshmen Friday



Incase you were wondering. YES, my blog is still alive… I still use it and it is still a functioning part of my being MMKAY!? I know It’s kinda crazy to not update your blog in months but in my defence I have literally been going through the ‘under construction’ of a lifetime WHICH I am sure, that if you follow me on social media, you know exactly what I’m talking about…. I have been away basically since December and now that I am back I am going full throttle into MY NEW WAVE which I am so happy and excited about… That being said, stay tuned because we are in for a very, very interesting ride and if you don’t like it… THIS IS YOUR STOP! XOJAY


Something New Something Vintage


Something New.. Something Vintage.. A New Year with something vintage…. It’s 2018 and normally in the New Year, I like to treat myself to that one statement piece that I add to my collection. Every year it’s something from a Hermes or Chanel bag, a iconic jacket, new pair of designer shoes, etc. If you know me, then you’ll know that this year I have already been lusting over something a little more along the lines of a timepiece and what better way to start your first piece of the collection than with Rolex! I’ve personally been lusting over the ever so classic and timeless Vintage Rolex watches from Bob’s Watches most specifically this Gold Rolex Presidential reference 118238 (seen above). Obviously, this watch is an icon and one of the most recognizable of the Rolex, and more superficially Rolex President family! Constructed in 18k yellow gold, Rolex makes their watches with only the best materials. I love the classic shape, the roman numerals, as well as the champagne color on the dial, and of course, the signature day and date additions. Another option that has interestingly been creeping up on me (which I would of never expected) is the Rolex GMT-Master style which you can see below. There is something about the strong and masculine face and weight of the watch that I find attractive!!! The GMT-Master features an extremely rare all-blue bezel, nicknamed “blueberry”, is actually valued at a higher price than the entire watch itself. This watch is simply eye-catching.  Geeze! SO many options BUT I definitely know it will be a Rolex from Bob’s Watches.


The New iPhone 8 Plus


AND WE BACK!!!! I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks as I have been travelling and taking some time off the whole social media thing (I mean.. as much as one who is totally consumed by it can) – And I want to start off 2018 with a bang, and why not with of course, one of the most talked about devices of the year! That is the iPhone 8! I recently got my hands on the new device (in the prettiest colour of course gold) before my most recent trip to Miami (for Art Basel, Holiday, New Year & a little bit more lol) as I wanted to really get acquainted with the new and up to date device while abroad, and what better way to get familiar with something than to just dive into it.



First and of course, foremost when it comes to devices for me, I pay closest attention to the camera! The iPhone 8 has a 12-megapixel camera with the 8 Plus featuring a dual set of lenses (like its predecessor the iPhone 7 but..), both of which bring brighter, sharper pictures, especially in low light which is a big +++ for me since I love snapping pics at night (for some weirdly innately nocturnal reason, my friends call me Vampira because I love to be out in the night lol!). The 8 Plus has the Portrait Lighting feature in beta that creates a depth map to separate the subject from the background as the shot is composed for professional portrait shots WITH a major plus of different lighting effects that can be chosen before and after photos, not unlike filters which I think is super cool… Both possess 4K 60fps capabilities and is calibrated for AR.



Inside is Apple’s new A11 processor and GPU, which has increased from four cores to six, making it much faster than its predecessor. Both 8 and 8 Plus have Touch ID sensors along with a noticeably louder speaker, TrueTone technology and supports wireless charging (which I am still so excited to see in action, as I’ve been sticking to the traditional swing of things!) via an inductive Qi charging pad sold separately. Alongside iOS 11, the device contains a much-needed improvement in Siri and a P2P payment feature.


With support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps, The iPhone 8 will start at $929 CAD for a 64GB model, with the 8 Plus starting at $1059 CAD for 64GB of storage. Both models will also have larger 256GB models, which will sell for $1139 and $1269, respectively. Stay tuned to my next post within the next couple of days to see some of my favourite photos from Miami to see all the memories captured from my new iPhone 8+! To learn more about the iPhone 8 click here!


Getting Smooth With Philips Beauty Products

Let’s be real! Facial and body hair is something a lot of us glamazons struggle with on the regular, and not everyone can be fortunate enough to get laser hair removal! So for everyone else, we turn to other methods like tweezing, shaving, waxing, and more.

This has been my dilemma – I’m always switching between a bunch of different techniques and can never commit to one that will #JUSTWORK! Some are great for convenience but don’t last long (sometimes my hair grows back within 24 hours!), while others are effective but time consuming (and #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat). Some hair removal methods even require you to hit up the spa or salon, but the idea of having to get ready and then trek back home afterwards does not make it worth it.

It’s taken me a while to figure this all out but I think I have finally found the perfect balance between all three! It’s the convenience of shaving, with the results of waxing all in one! Allow me to introduce you to the new SatinTouch Precision Epilator and Satinelle Prestige hair removal tools from Philips!



I have been using these two goodies for quite some time now – the SatinTouch for sensitive areas (like on my face) and the Satinelle Prestige on my body, primarily focusing on the legs and chest area. The results have been great and the convenience of the products themselves is amazing. The SatinTouch for the facial area is an accelerated version of tweezing with the smooth results of shaving, minus the extreme ripping and pulling pain of waxing! I have brought it to New York and Miami with me and it has been the best travel companion. While the Satinelle Prestige has been great for getting super smooth legs that last an entire trip, not having to constantly maintain my look throughout the week because of unwanted hair growth is such a relief! Especially since I’m always on the go! Now you may think I’m crazy because let’s be real, epilation isn’t exactly pain free, but it’s worth it for the results!


I normally like to perform the process early in the morning before the day starts, that way I have time to be precise with the hair removal process! And let’s face it… at the end of the day it’s still an epilator, so getting ready in the morning gives my skin the time it needs to heal, and when I apply make-up or any products to my skin, there will be no irritation! I have definitely learned that the key ingredient to success with the epilating process is to prep your skin with taking a nice shower (or bath!) and exfoliating prior to use! That way your pores are opened up and the extractions are that much easier! Pairing that with proper epilating technique equals amazing results, especially since both the devices firmly grab hair by the root!

I really enjoy the SatinTouch and Satinelle Prestige epilators and hope you guys do as well! Learn more about Philips Beauty’s products here.


This post is a paid partnership with Philips in promotion
of their new SatinTouch and Satinelle Prestige epilator tools.