The Celine Shadow Sunglasses

AS you know I’ve been extremely committed to one pair of glasses for the last few years. It’s quite hard for me to even think about life without my classic Gianfranco Ferre oversized pimp-daddy shades (LOL!) I am sure that is not what they are called but for seriously, you know what I mean… Anyways, the other day the lovely people over at Smart Buy Glasses reached out to me to ask me to go through their site and pick a pair of sunglasses for myself.. I instantly began to have hot flashes and not know what direction to go.. AS you can imagine lol! But then I manned up and picked me-self something I thought could definitely work.. I’ve loved the Celine Shadow sunglasses for quite some time now, more on other people obviously then myself, but I thought, why not give it a try!

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