There’s something iconic about those 3 stripes you know! They will always be there, they will never go out of style, they will never fade away! That said… I wanted to incorporate those iconic adidas ‘3 stripes’ into my own personal style during my time at New York Fashion Week. Admit the chaos and running around, I made it a point to do so and capture them in a moment and style that best reflected me.. As you know I really only ever wear tight, skinny leather pants or jeans so I wanted to try something new from my perspective.. Enter the Adidas Original 3 stripe track-pants – They fit perfectly, and when I first put them on, it rekindled memories from nearly 10 years ago when I used to collect them in every colour.. Remember the fuzzy feeling when you would first put them on lol!?… A plus with this specific pant is that they are modernized with a hidden ankle zip which made it work perfectly into mistily since I’ve been obsessed with these ALDO ankle boots and wanted to keep the look street but still chic #YouKnowHowWeDoIt… Anyways, stay tuned for more of how I style my favourite ADIDAS pieces, shoes & clothing in my upcoming posts from New York Fashion Week!!!


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