Hender Scheme ‘Manual Industrial Products’ Collection

So my friend Jonathan Shimoni of Faded Lifestyle and I were talking about a week ago now and he asked me what I thought of some shoes. He showed me some options, one of theme being the brand Hender Scheme and their ‘Manual Industrial Products’ collection- I was instantly in love! The retro-classic aesthetic of these shoes are not only timeless but somehow habitually on trend!!!.. Created as adaptations of classic kicks from Jordans to Air Forces(?), aside from style – what makes these kicks SO DOPE (and pricey! The ones I want a.ka. the ‘Manual Industrial Products 10 Natural’ go for $1, 290CDN) is not only, the fact that they are my colour-obsession and they are all leather but they are actually HAND CRAFTED so you know the attention to detail and quality is on another level (hence the ‘Manual’).. Another cool-factor which I personally love is that the ‘Natural’ selection of the shoes patina with age, meaning they change colour, not from dirt but from wear.. They go from what you see above to a more darker, natural golden brown with wear, a true sign of luxury (see below for a visual on how they colour and some of the other styles) See more below..

Hender Sceheme ‘Manual Industrial Products 10 Natural’ Sneakers

before and after ‘patina’

Learn more about Hender Scheme

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