Story Of My Life…

Karl Lagerfeld jacket, Topshop grey sweater, Polo button down, Gianfranco Ferre shades, D&G clutch

I guess you could say today was the first official day of Toronto Fashion week! It seemed very long and it was super awkward but boy was it (as always) so much fun. I did my preppy, take it slow, kinda wall-flowerish look today, this was very subtle for me lol.. Chloe Comme Parris’ sheer trains & Pink Tartan’s sexy utilitarian woman were my highlights of today, they definitely killed it.. Im pretty sure somefugone snarled “omg look at him” or some sort of blah upon arrival so I started the day off pretty intensely but remember, HATERS GONNA HATE haha.. Best part is, I kept my composure and just strutted along instead of going all Naomi on a…… Toronto Fashion Week in some cases is like a week long anger management class on steroids. I’ll leave it at that.. On to bigger news, I’m pretty sure I spent $7 on a bottle of water & a can of Coca-Cola today… If that isn’t highway robbery than I don’t know what is.

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