Last night here in Toronto I had the pleasure of attending the ‘CLUB YSL #YSLBeautyCrew‘ party which I have to say… Was such a blast!!!!!!!!! I was dying because I loved walking into the party and just seeing a sea of all black fashion…… SOOOO YSL??!!!!!!!!! The party was filled wall to wall with so many people, lots of familiar faces  and of course, enough champagne to keep everyone hydrated (tough life!!!  LOL!)…. I actually had such a dope time turning it up with my friends but I have to say… more importantly FINALLY getting acquainted with YSL beauty products as (I’m ashamed to say) I have never used YSL beauty products before!!! It was my first time ever even trying them this night, and I only tried a couple!!! I actually ended up falling in love with a couple things :)… So obviously with that said I am super excited to get to know the brand a bit better and try some of these goodies and the VIP gift bag….. stay tuned 😉 xx 

photos x George Pimentel


40 Something Moments from last night’s Power Ball XVIII: Pleasure Principle

It comes once a year and is by far… THE BEST.. SUMMER KICK OFF PARTY.. IF NOT.. GENERAL PARTY OF THE YEAR in Toronto!!!!!!! Last night was the 2016 edition of The Power Plant, contemporary art galleries, POWER BALL!!!!!!! Themed Pleasure Principle.. The night brought together some of the countries most formidable artistes with some of the cities most notable partiers!!!!! AND… CAN.. I.. JUST.. SAY.. I literally swear by this party and last night was one of the reasons why….. THE ENERGY, THE ART, THE PEOPLE AND THE OUTFITS…. I.. LITERALLY.. Just have sensory overload year after year.. And the best part.. Is that every year the Power Ball continues to get better and better!! I SWEAR BY THIS THING!!!! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending both the VIP Art performance Reception as well as the party and literally LIVED to the fullest extend lol!!! Here are some of my favourite moments captured by my guy!!! George & Clarke that capture only a pinch of the epic-ness that was last night… the best party of the year… The Power Ball..


A Fashionable Stay @ The Ritz Carlton Toronto #RCMemories

It’s always so crazy to me how fast things go by.. It’s April and I am here like wow did Toronto Fashion Week already come and go that quickly? Flashing back at it all, amidst the shows, the parties, oh the parties, the events and all was one thing that always makes my fashion week just that much more.. That one thing is, my stay at our Toronto Ritz Carlton.

This season was nothing short of amazing.. From the warm welcome I got once I entered the hotel to the absolutely ideal view of the tents of Fashion Week JUST so I could see when all the photographers were outside LOL #kidding. That from the beautiful room to… may.. I say… one of the most delicious dining experiences I have had in the city in a while which I will be sharing in another post very very soon!!!!!! Stay tuned :):)


A Night Out with @CocaCola_ca #TasteTheFeeling

photo by Nick Lee x

OMG I can’t believe this was already last week!!! Last week I had the pleasure of inviting a bunch of friends to come out with me to a one of a kind night out with Coca Cola here in Toronto in celebration of their new #TasteTheFeeling branding launch. What the party was in celebration for, was the fact that Coca Cola in 2016 will combine all their different brand directions into one harmonious movement being #TASTETHEFEELING. It was such a blast of a night with Coca Cola inspired cocktails, some great performances from Sam Roberts Band, DJ Baby Yu and a special performance from the voice of the theme song/jingle for the new #TASTETHEFEELING campaign Conrad Sewell! Follow along with all the Coca Cola updates on their social media or with the #TASTEtheFEELING hashtag AND scroll down to see some of my favourite moments of the night!


The New Regime

I JUST gotta say, boy do I gotta say…. This is no joke.. SAKS Fifth Avenue, just came to Toronto and messed up the whole game! Before heading to the private viewing a couple days ago I didn’t really know what to expect.. And to be honest, I didn’t really have that high of expectations, I knew it would be cool but I didn’t really realize just how cool it would be.. How my jaw would literally punch the floor like it was battling gravity and yes.. Of course, gravity won.. SAKS is literally Rachel Zoe BAAAA-NANA’s! The shopping game just got elevated.. The shop in shops, like Celine, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Chopard, Piaget and so much more.. The shoe sections.. The decor, design and everything else.. This is the first time in a long time I have been left without words but really full of words over something fashion related that has happened in our beautiful little city! Saks officially opened today so start your engines and get to shopping miss hunnty’s! Xo