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Jay Jay has got a new VU – Thanks to fellow Canadian (Montreal to be exact) brand VU Sunglass – a new luxury designer eyewear shop – I finally found a new pair of sunglasses that I am as equally obsessed with like my vintage Gianfranco Ferre’s! Thanks to VU Sunglass’ new #HTO Home Try On Experience – You can order 3 pairs of sunglasses with discounts on each pair, get them at home, try them on, see which ones are your favourites and return the other sunglasses that don’t work! It’s kinda genius actually.. I wanted to try something new so I went for a thinner more pilot/aviator style… I ended up falling in love with these sick Cutler And Gross 1138 Woodgrain’s – They are LEGITERALLY!!!! (literally and legitimately at the same time!) my new obsessions!!!!!!! VU has some seriously dope brands and styles… It is an extremely sexy curated library of eyewear indeed!!!

Check out VU Sunglass
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je voudrais; Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses

If you know me, then you know sunglasses are a freakishly particular thing to me! Like I am VVVVVVVERY particular about my sunglasses because they literally go on my face, the first thing you see is (sometimes, more then others) my sunglasses.. If you’ve been staying up to date with me for some time now then you know I have had a single pair of sunglasses that I have rocked out to the bone for the last like nearly 5 years.. I’ve recently been coming across these DIOR ‘So Real’ sunglasses more and more over the last few weeks and they’ve been growing on me more and more… Maybe it’s time to go give them a try!


The Celine Shadow Sunglasses

AS you know I’ve been extremely committed to one pair of glasses for the last few years. It’s quite hard for me to even think about life without my classic Gianfranco Ferre oversized pimp-daddy shades (LOL!) I am sure that is not what they are called but for seriously, you know what I mean… Anyways, the other day the lovely people over at Smart Buy Glasses reached out to me to ask me to go through their site and pick a pair of sunglasses for myself.. I instantly began to have hot flashes and not know what direction to go.. AS you can imagine lol! But then I manned up and picked me-self something I thought could definitely work.. I’ve loved the Celine Shadow sunglasses for quite some time now, more on other people obviously then myself, but I thought, why not give it a try!

Shop the the Celine Shadow sunglasses


Grey Ant ‘Tusk’ & ‘Berlin’

You know me and you know when it comes to sunglasses I am so selective so it’s no surprise that I am soooooo kinda obsessed with my new shades from the fam a.k.a Grey Ant! The TUSK’s are such a great fit, a super modern and sick take on a classic wayfarer! And then there’s the Berlin’s – So sick and they actually are inspired by their name, BERLIN! The silver hoop on the side is to symbolize a spacer piercing and the bar with the two balls on the opposite side is to symbolize a eyebrow piercing.. hmm.. tempting!



Here is a short video from the super talented team over at Grey Ant sunglasses. The video is showcasing some of the sweet and signature styles from the brand and is inspired by the 1966 movie ‘seconds’ featuring albino male model Shaun Ross. enjoy xx