It’s so crazy, every week or two is like a new eye opening experience in the world of make-up for me! If you read a bit of my last post, you’ll now know that I recently learned how to put lashes on.. I have also been learning how to apply eyeshadow, liners, etc.. How to properly contour and all these other crazy amazing things that have really helped evolve the way I not only apply but look at makeup. It really is such an artistry.. Blending, painting, colour matching, enhancing, etc… I have to say this is probably one of my favourite beauty looks to date.. I believe it’s the most refined version of what I normally try to do and with the added touch of the extra voluminous lashes!!! For this face I used:

  • @DermablendPro quick fix concealer
  • @Armanibeauty Luminous Silk Foundation
  • @UrbanDecayCosmetics Naked Heat Palette
  • @YSLBeauty touche éclat under eye highlighter
  • @Ardell_Lashes 250’s
  • @MacCosmeticsCanada Dark Deep Bronzer as contour
  • @NYXCosmetics_Canada Contour + Highlight Palette + Corset Lipstick
  • @Lac.Beauty Brows by @jessicaesavedra


You know I love a good dinner party! There is nothing like getting together with some of your favourite friends and foods, especially when it involves a celebrity chef such as the renowned Chef David Rocco! Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest at Best Buy Canada’s OVERLY chic (no seriously did you see the first photo in this post!? That was the dinner table!!) dinner party in celebration of the Best Buy’s large selection of appliances ranging from popular appliance brands at prices that fit anyone’s budget, and in just about every style and size you can think of!! The brand teamed up with David Rocco to curate and showcase a selection of key #BestBuyAppliances that are available at Best Buy, showcasing the range of products available at a Best Buy near you!!!! I was so happy I got to see some of my blogger besties #SELFIE!!!, pr faves and of course, get acquainted with the goodies available at Best Buy, especially since becoming a homeowner it’s always good to be in the know for when I finally decide to man up and domesticate myself and cook a damn meal!!! Oh and did Chef David Rocco ever make a killer meal! I was in foodie heaven! If you ever get the pleasure of having him cook for you… ASK FOR THE #BEATRISOTTO!!!!


Whether you’re replacing an old fridge or completely renovating your kitchen, you can get all your appliances at Best Buy and

See below for David Rocco’s favourite must-have appliances for creating delicious gourmet meals:




Jacket – House Of Nonie / Body Harness – Uncuffed Leather 

Carrying on with my conversation about my conversation about bring androgynous and exploring a new side of myself – I now more then ever since writing that post find myself pushing even further than I ever have! My emotional connection to being concerned with other peoples perception of me when they see me on the streets quintessentially being in full FISH;

In the gay world, more specifically amongst homosexuals, to act or be fishy is to act or be feminine. Also in the tranny world, to be fishy means to excel at being a woman, without much effort. Fishy is an adjective from the noun fish.
#1 – Girl, I didn’t even recognize Jacob, he looked so 
fishy, who did his make-up? 
#2 – Look at Matt trying to be all fishy with those fake eyelashes!!
(source Urban Dictionary lol)
Example A) above.. My outfit I wore to the 2017 CAFA Awards a few days ago now.. I was so nervous leading up to arriving to the event but now in hindsight, I am so proud of myself for unequivocally dressing exactly as I want to and feel the best version of myself in… This is a very proud moment, not only for this and myself but also because I know that when I push these boundaries I am helping open the minds and expose something different to people who may not understand or think something not positive about people like me for being the way we are!! I am really on this whole liberation of the human nation thing right now and am just so happy (although I do still have some fears) that I get to live in a place a city, a world, and a time (not for all, I understand) where I can SLAY THESE HEAUXS TO THE GRAVE and GIVE MORE LOOKS THAN EVER BEFORE!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…. I HOPE YOU wherever you are ALSO have the courage to push yourself to your happy place whether it be make-up/fashion/art/etc… AND I also hope you stay tuned for more of this personal evolution I am on…… XOJAY

What a weekend! What a beautiful dream like effing weekend!! I am still not over all the magic and love I was apart of this past weekend in Aspen, Colorado for my friends Mike & Chloe’s wedding! It was literally a fairy tale come to life (IM STILL SHOOK!!!!).. I am still in awe!!! From bottom of the mountain dance parties ft. Chloe’s favourite rose, Whispering Angel (LOL!!).. To a magic mountain top wedding ceremony outside while the snow elegantly fell against the bride, groom & guests.. OH and Coco (Chloe’s) iconic wedding dress from my moms store Powder Bride!…. Oh god.. And now the fantasy is over and back to reality for now (although, reality really isn’t all that bad <333).. I just know... Now... To see a love like that.. Really inspires me!!!! WHERE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING!?!?!? haha xoxoxo..