THIS..IS..EPIC! Can I say, this is probably one of the most epic fashion moments I have seen in quite a while! How hilarious. I couldn’t even believe my eyes.. All I was thinking was…. #YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BLUE STEEL!!! What an amazing promotion for Zoolander 2, hopefully (read: probably) going to be one of the best sequels we’ve got in a long time! I can’t wait to watch this movie.. THIS is definitely how you get people talking!! #PARISFASHIONWEEK #SHUTDOWN #YASSBISH Until then, I got this video on repeat! enjoy

So… I have a question for you…. Have you ever wondered what it is like to have enough CHANEL around you and readily available for you to play with that it made you slightly light headed!?!? Well… LISTEN UP & LOOK NO MORE HUNNIE because do I have something for you!.. I did Paris Fashion Week as a guest of Chanel for a super amazing project where 6 bloggers from around the world were selected to DISCOVER the world of CHANEL. For day 1 of my unbelievable experience with CHANEL here in Paris, I was given a tour of the new Avenue Montaigne boutiques (right across the street from each other). One boutique, number 42, is specifically made for accessories and jewelry while the other, number 51, carries the pret-a-porter, fragrance, beauty & some accessories as well. It was such a pleasure to learn about the details of the boutiques, how they vary but still stay the same and the incredible details that go into them as well, from the art (even in the elevator) to the architecture and the inspiration all thriving from Mademoiselle Chanel, herself. After this lovely tour we were escorted to the private change rooms on the top floor of 51 Avenue Montaigne where we were greeted by a humongous fitting room filled from wall to wall with EVERYTHING classic, iconic and new from Chanel. It’s here where I had the chance to not only play with some of the most iconic Chanel clothing, accessories, jewelry, bags, etc. I was also lucky enough to select some pieces to wear for the show the following day.. What a dream right?!?!… And to believe, this was only day 1!!

Oh the wonders of Paris and OH what you are in store over the next 3 remaining days here during Paris Fashion Week. I am beyond excited to share that over the next 3 days I will be sharing an intimate and one of a kind experience of the world of Chanel! THis is going to be a personal tour like no other and as you can imagine I am just beyond words excited for this all to unfold! So that being said, stay tuned to my social media outlets as well as to my personalized #STRUTwithCHANEL #STRUTavecCHANEL hashtags where imma be postin’ up a STORM!!!

Oh Paris, I love you!

Here are some dark and intoxicating moments from the Julius Fall/Winter 2014/15 menswear show that I had the pleasure of attending during Paris Men’s Fashion Week a couple weeks ago now (wow hot damn, does time go by ever so quickly!). I loved how just plain out dark and to the bone the show was, the actual show elements for the runway were quite intense from the screeching music to the ever so equally intense strobe lights. It was quite the experience.