Hello Montreal!! If you’ve been following me on social media you definitely know that I am in montreal for tr Grand Prix as a guest of the ever so gracious UGGZ Australia! They have set up a really cool activation and lounge here in the VIP lodges and are hosting some really cool people, influencers, cebebrities, etc. and showcasing some of their Summer products which may I say, are super cute and surprisingly different from the classic and iconic UGG boots I was expecting! That being said, check out some moments from my experience below, stay tuned to my posts on social media for more and tune in to the #UGGattheRACE hashtag across twitter, instagram, etc. for more from this experience! I will be sure to be posting like a crazy being that I have a new found appreciation for race cars, the sound that they make and.. Yeah… THE DRIVERS ?? HAHA!!!! XOJAY