If you follow me on social media then you will know that a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a 48 hour jaunte to Montreal with my friends over at Marriott! My fellow blogger friend Vanessa and I were treated to two days of the best the city had to offer and got to try some new experiences that I haven’t during the past times I have gone to Montreal. The reason for this trip was to celebrate Marriott’s Epic Canada Adventure Sweepstakes launching at MarriottCanada150.dja.com and SPGCanada150.dja.com on June 22!!! Marriott is choosing five contest winners from Canada and the United States, where five winners will receive ‘epic’ trips to Canadian Marriott Locations, compiling of a trip for two which includes one hotel room, flights for the winner and one guest, an epic local experiences, as well as $1, 000 CAD spending money!!!!

Being that the trip was in celebration of this new contest, we did things that contest winners would get the chance to do and experience on their trips!! OUR trip started with checking in to the Fabulous Marriott Renaissance Downtown Hotel located in the heart of the shopping and lifestyle district which I personally love for walking around and running any quick little errands in the city (DUH SHOPPING!)! Following our early check-in to the chic boutique hotel, we quickly refreshed ourselves from our flight and headed off to a unique and personalized food tour experience in one of the famous-for-food districts of Montreal! Here we were treated to delicious bites, bagels, and (my new obsession) white chocolate muffins!!! I am still drooling from the one I had on the tour!

Next we had the pleasure of meeting some friends for dinner at a beautiful restaurant which I literally cannot remember the name of because I was so busy stuffing my face with delicious seafood.  Following that and because of the timing of when we were in Montreal we headed off to The Weeknd’s concert in Montreal!!!! Yasssss we went to see The Weeknd and hear some hits from his new Starboy tour at Montreal’s Centre Bell!
The next day we made a point to go check out some of our favourite shops in the city one of them being ‘Atelier New Regime’ and the other, Vintage Frames Company where Vanessa had some shoppers success and found a pair of iconic vintage Tiffany & Co. shades!

That night we got all dolled up and had dinner at the Fabulous W Hotel which is actually also another one of Marriott properties in Montreal and also a property which I had the pleasure of staying at a couple months prior! The hotel’s signature restaurant provided us with some delicious sea and land platters (TUNA CEVICE FOR THE WIN!!!) I chose to have a steak which was so delicious and so necessary considering how long we’ve been running around the city during the day.  Following we checked out some nightlife spots around old Montreal and china-town and cheers’d to an amazing way to end the trip!

Marriott’s Epic Canada Adventure Sweepstakes launches at MarriottCanada150.dja.com and SPGCanada150.dja.com on June 22.

  • To enter, tag @MarriottIntl in any posts, with the hashtag #TravelwithMarriottCanada.
  • Three winners will receive ‘epic’ trips to Canadian Marriott locations. Two winners will receive ‘epic’ trips to Canadian Starwood locations.
  • Each contest winner will receive a trip for two, which includes: one hotel room, flights for the winner and one guest and $1,000 CAD spending money.

Winners will be determined on July 24, once contacted, they will have two days to return the paperwork. Marriott will choose five contest winners from Canada and the United States. The five winners will be selected at random by a third party. When entering the contest sweepstakes, applicants will select which epic trip they hope to win from a gallery of options. Each trip will include at least one activity/experience. Winners will have up to one year to redeem their trip based on availability and blackout dates.



crop sweater – fenty x puma / boots – balenciaga / jacket – canada goose / bag – hermes

Went to Montreal a couple weeks back with friends for a little pre-holiday semi-stay-cation and might I say.. My city didn’t let up! I always say it after this trip will continue to do so now.. I love Montreal, and even a bit more then Toronto sometimes.. I love the thought that Montreal puts into it’s venues and the dark and deep twists you seem to have to keep taking to get to where you need to go.. Down flights of stairs, down back alleys, through cavernous tunnels.. It’s so sexy, chic and of course exciting.. Another thing I love to do in Montreal is visit the Old Port (Old Montreal)… This day was almost perfect, the lightly lit grey skies played the perfect accent to the cobble stone streets and grey compact buildings that line the images.. I wore my Fenty x Puma, long sleeve crop top, new Balenciaga Snow Boots, my Hermes Kelly bag & Canada Goose Expedition jacket through the straps over the shoulder because… #FASHION LOL!!!!!


Very few times am I really ever left in awe and filled with wanderlust and dream.. I mean, the last time that probably happened was when Chanel whisked me away to Paris to join them on a multi-day excursion filled with fittings, a very special visit to a very special apartment and some other goodies.. Or… Maybe before that when I got to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for the very first time.. I’ve had some moments that have left me in awe and this my friends… This chic-as-ever, 48 or so hour trip with Veuve Clicquot to parts of Canada i’ve never even been to was definitely such a great experience!! What started with a 3 hour train ride from Montreal to Quebec in a Veuve Clicquot decked out train cart or caboose, whatever you would like to call it! It was so chic! We got on board at around 9:30AM, had some breakfast and by 11:00AM (the time that it’s actually legal to drink booze on that part of the country) the Veuve Clicquot began popping!! It was so effing chic!!.. Then we arrived in Quebec where we as a group walked together to our accommodation for the evening, the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Du Frontenac… A place where Veuve Clicquot’s heritage laid rich in the ambiance of this stunning chateau.. Getting to learn that Veuve Clicquot has been in Canada for 160 years.. Meaning that Veuve Clicquot was in Canada, before Canada was even Canada #EXCUSE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Here we had a black-tie dinner for the 60 or so guests that were all invited by Veuve Clicquot…. The dinner was inspired by and modelled after the Queen’s Gala dinner from a period she was at the Chateau du Frontenac.. The dinner was gorgeous from the delicious food down to the copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot, we all sipped and cheers’d with throughout the evening! What a gorgeous experience!

Vive La Veuve!


Hello Montreal!! If you’ve been following me on social media you definitely know that I am in montreal for tr Grand Prix as a guest of the ever so gracious UGGZ Australia! They have set up a really cool activation and lounge here in the VIP lodges and are hosting some really cool people, influencers, cebebrities, etc. and showcasing some of their Summer products which may I say, are super cute and surprisingly different from the classic and iconic UGG boots I was expecting! That being said, check out some moments from my experience below, stay tuned to my posts on social media for more and tune in to the #UGGattheRACE hashtag across twitter, instagram, etc. for more from this experience! I will be sure to be posting like a crazy being that I have a new found appreciation for race cars, the sound that they make and.. Yeah… THE DRIVERS ?? HAHA!!!! XOJAY