Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the launch event for the new collaboration between Microsoft Surface and GelaSkins at GelaSkins’ headquarters in Toronto’s west west end! It was a high-energy event filled with a bunch of creative people and good vibes!!! To launch Surface Studio in Canada, Microsoft Surface partnered with GelaSkins and six Canadian artists to create a new line of skins that were created on Surface for the Surface line of devices. The six designers, Candice Kaye, Sam Shuter, Lloyd “Tablloyd” Arbour, Soteeoh, Claire Desjardins and Darshie Designs were provided with a Surface device to design their art!! It was so cool to see what the artists came up with while at the event… Also another plus was during the event, one large-scale canvas print from each artist was available so that guests could bid on them to win during a silent auction…and the proceeds from the silent auction went to benefit SKETCH (a Toronto non-profit focused on youth arts)!! I personally got to try out one of the Surface Studio devices as the event and was floored when I used the DJay Pro software by Algoriddim and everything worked so smoothly on the touchscreen.. Another thing that really got me (I am so geeky for admitting this) but I literally was dying over the zero-gravity hinge that allows the device to move at the literal touch of a finger #OMGAWD lol!!! All in all, it was a fun evening with good people and cool tech 🙂 Here are some pictures I took and some from the photographer of the night! Enjoy Xx

Photos courtesy in part x Evan Bergstra

To learn more about Microsoft Surface [click here]

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(until the end of April, you can get 30% off a GelaSkin

from the Surface Collection using the code MSFT30!)


Over the course of Toronto Fashion Week I had the pleasure of teaming up with Microsoft Canada and their new Microsoft Surface Pro device to not only share my thoughts on the device during a fun and fabulous afternoon panel with Kim Newport & the girls, Chloe & Parris Gordon from Beaufille.. But I also got the opportunity to run all around fashion week from backstage and behind the scenes to on the rows of the runway with the new Microsoft Surface Pro device and really put it to work this Toronto Fashion Week! One of the reasons I was so adamant about the device and using it right away was first and foremost because of the mobility factor! the extreme easy and functionality of the device was one of the highlight assets amidst the craziness that is fashion week! AS you can imagine I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off so it was such a great feeling to have my main device right there by my side with no strings attached #LITERALLY! When I filmed this I had the pleasure of doing it during the Kollar Clothing Spring/Summer 2016 runway show which was so cool. Loved the menswear and the good vibes from the collection, I chose to put my own song over the video but must say the playlist was sooooooooo dope from the runway show! Anyways.. Enjoy!

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro
Video & Images captured by David Lopez

As you may know, right after I finished my work with Versace & Google in New York City, I stopped in Toronto for a couple hours to pick up the rest of my luggage and then I headed over to Stockholm, Sweden to be part of a wonderful experience with Windows/Microsoft & HP. The journey throughout Stockholm took us to some of the most beautiful picture perfect moments I definitely could not of even thought up myself. Being in Stockholm with the Microsoft team was also the perfect time to learn more about the new Windows 8 and all of its wondrous ways. Whether it be on a mobile device or a laptop and desktop device we got insight on it all, from the apps, swipe sides, down to the simple functions all made to make your computing experience that much more smooth and efficient (I mean, what more could you ask for!?)… All day, each day Microsoft had an amazing literary planned for us from beginning to end! Here are some photos from the first part of Day 1 of our Stockholm adventures which entailed boating to islands, touring the beautiful city, delicious food and much, much, more!