Backstage at the Louis Vuitton + Supreme Fall/Winter 2017 Menswear Show

I think one of the biggest surprises that hit the mens fashion week runways was definitely the collaboration between Louis Vuitton & Supreme! I think it quite literally broke the fashion industries & hype-beasts alike internet lol!!! It was in a fashion + street-lovers sense… SENSORY OVERLOAD!! Here are some exclusive behind the scenes images I got from the Louis Vuitton Press Release to share with you guys!


The Hierarchy; @BALMAIN’s Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Show

If you know me then you know how much I love Balmain for the dreams it creates. It is one of my favorite design houses to follow, admire and support. I have been fortune enough to be connected to this brand the last couple of years and this is the reason why.. Olivier Rousteing really came to win this season with his Men’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection. For those who follow, you know that I am obsessed when Olivier Rousteing works with crystal details, hence my obsession with Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Now, with this runway show we can see that the king of crystals is back!!! Balmain’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is something our of a fairytale movie, the kind of stuff that princes would wear, the kind of stuff you could only see in movies.. Something very royal, something very regal, something veryThere are way to many epic moments that are happening in this collection and I could go on and on but I will just let you see it for yourself! View some of my favorite looks below!


ASTROLOGY x ASTRONOMY; Versace Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Show

E.T. PHONE DONATELLA!!! BECAUSE GIRL we going to space!!!!! “It’s written in the stars – this is the universe of Versace.” — “The Versace man is a pioneer, his ambition as big as the universe. This is a collection for men who are totally real, totally bold and totally connected with the future.” Donatella Versace – There were way to many things I loved about this seasons collection from my beloved Versace family!!! From the cropped shearing and leather jackets, embroidered with patches to symbolize astronaut’s mementos to the MA-1 flight jacket’s – Crystals decorated denim jackets and jeans to embody a constellation of stars. Maybe it’s just me but I do feel like there was a very British feeling and vibe to this collection.. Let’s call it the Alien’s from England, then huh? Needless to say, I loved it and how Versace continues to push the boundaries on the expectations of menswear! Viva Versace!


Unboxing: The Eighth – @the8ighth

Let’s see what’s inside…Continue reading to see!

I mean, to this day, I don’t think that I’ve ever blogged about undergarments, underwear, boxers, etc…. People, we are having moment here! But no seriously, it is with great pleasure that I introduce THE EIGHTH – A luxury menswear undergarment brand from New York that provides a premium experience for the down under!!! I didn’t know exactly what to expect at first.. But MEN, can I say, these things are like butter lol! I was having a sensory overload kinda feeling when I unboxed the briefs and felt the texture…. I mean Vanity Fair gave a huge stamp of approval for these bad boys – I to am undoubtedly on board!!.. Oh and the packaging!? I mean, at $55 a pop, what would you expect right!? Gorgeous individual packing, wrapping, personalized details like their own branded stickers and embossed case holster.. Boo Boo I am living in my Eighth’s….

Check out for more about these magical lil ol’ things…



I have to say! I have not been excited for something like this in a whole long while. For Kanye’s second instalment of his collaboration with ADIDAS, he has released the Yeezy Boost 350 sneaker to the public this past weekend. Fortunately the amazing team at ADIDAS Canada were watching over me and hooked me up with a pair in advance so that I could get a feel out for them and add them to my budding collection of sneakers (am I becoming a sneaker head #OHHELLNAW #MAYBE #OHLORD #OKYASSSS)… Anyways, needless to say, these sneakers are definitely worth the #LEGIT struggle/camp-out-session/online purchase-bot-ing/e-bay-stalking that may of ensued in order to acquire these bad boys! I love the colour tones used as well as the overall style, shape and design. That all being said, follow below for a pic x pic unboxing of the new ADIDAS + KANYE WEST YEEZY BOOST 350’s