Official Toronto Lanvin for H&M LAUNCH

The time has come!! I woke up at 6:30am today to make sure I was on time to get into the doors with the rest of the media for the official launch and free-for all we’ve all been waiting for… LANVIN for H&M!!.. This was the first time I have ever gotten to attend one of the infamous and highly anticipated collaborations by H&M and as the receipt says “Guest Designer”…

From what I was over-hearing this was actually a very well structured and proper way of handling the usually monsterous crowds…I was a little sad to miss the rambunctious shoppers jump like hyenas in the african jungle for a sip at luxury.. I got to see the amazing team, Karen, Emily & Patrick shared a few words and then it was time to shine!! People literally camped out infront of H&M’s Eaton Center location for over 24 friggin hours so I was pretty fortunate to beat the madness.. After a super kinda long morning’s work it was finally time to jet off to work for the rest of the day and wait for GetJanet to get in so we could do what I was dying to do all day…. p.s… SUPER SPECIAL thank you to the 2 girls who helped me out the whole time I was in that pit of madness haha!!<33

Such a blast having a crazy fun fashion show!!! P..s… do you not love the spoof of BryanBoy’s in the bag look haha!! Super chic and supper funny haha!!!


The Hottest Day In The City

I know realistically it probably wasnt, but did it ever feel like it! This is the kind of heat that has motivated me (many times) to cut my pant legs right off my jeans and embrace my things called legs! Funny, because it wasn’t until this summer I decided to finally wear shorts out in public.. Yes, the first time (in this city) I have worn shorts in public lol (it only took 19 years)!!! The sun scorched and left sidewalk dwellers immersed in heat so it was col to see how people still worked their fashion and rocked oversized light knit cardigans over almost nothing shorts & a pair of crazy boots, wedges or sneakers. Kevin stopped by the store today in an all black ensemble and I prayed for him haha.. We chatted about all things Celine and Proenza (hopefully I get to check them out in New York).. It was definietly-most finally time to try out the new Carrera sunglasses I scored from Fashionably Yours the other day & I am loving them!!.. I rocked a old Club Monaco military green button down with the TopShop oversized sheer&short top I got at the media opening, my Gucci fedora which has countlessly saved my life on crazy-bad hair days and my new favorite acquisitions (My Doc’s!!!!).. P.s. did you notice how cool the pics look? I’ve been playing around with CS4 extended and this is the turn out! Click the pic to see the original version.. p.p.s. thanks for taking the pictures Janet!!;)lol



A young POP Art artist by the name of Marco Santaniello e-mailed me the nicest e-mail the other day and asked if I wanted a Pop Art portrait made of me.. I obviously said yes hhaa!! This is the result… I would be holding a


Two Years Later & Im Still Strutting My Stuff!!

Now more than ever… Around two years agos this time I was coming into my own, opening up my eyes to a broader perspective and seeing past my suburbian confines and judgemental perspectives. Toady I find myself wrapped in this life I call life which im loving every breath of..

When all this comes to mind, all I can think to say is thank you!! To my readers, followers, friends and family! I always say it to everyone that comes up to me and says they follow me and read SATISFASHION, that you are my best friend you understand me enough to continue a returning relationship and listening to all of the mumbo jumbo I always have to say and write. In celebration of this time I decided that it was time to get my step sis and the good ol’camera upstairs on the roof and take some pictures.. Just like before.. I am not only Jay Strut, you are Natasha Strut, Sean Strut, Tina Strut or [Enter Name Here] Strut.. Who ever you may be, keep strutting your stuff and stay tuned!! Alot of interesting things are going to be happening!!

Two Years Ago, around this time…


So Excited!! NYC Here I Come!!

For those of you whom know me and know how gitty and excited even just over the thought of New York City could only imagine my reaction when my mom told me that she was booking ticket’s for us to go to New York!!!! She then proceeded to inform me that not only were we going to New York, we were going to New York during….FASHION WEEK!!!!!!! Last season I was lucky enough to get some cool invites like Michael Kors, Nicole Miller and a bunch of other cool ones.. I cant even remember because I am so excited just to be typing about New York right now!! But I wasn’t able to go because of school UGHH.. But now its perfect! I am finished school (until Janruary) and ready to rumble!!

My game plan for New York Fashion Week is to just take as many pictures as I can.. Alot of people have been telling me that “The best thing to do during your first New York Fashion Week is to network and take pictures of people and get as much good content as you can, you can watch the runway shows online but when your not network like the rent is due and it’s the last day of the month!”.. Great advice!? I know.. So I will be attending some shows with Get Janet and my mom (I am so excited).. I will be at Jenny Packham’s first ever runway debut outside of her country… Aside from the shows and events I will be hounding the streets around the Lincoln Center from A.M to P.M…

I hope to meet as many of you, my New York friends as possible!! So drop me an e-mail and we can Fashion Week things up!!!!