Checking Out THE WEBSTER Miami

After much anticipation I finally got my chance to check out one of Miami’s hottest luxury designer boutiquesThe Webster is a hotel turned super-luxury-deisnger-boutique on Collins Ave, between 12th & 13th streets. It was co-founded by one of my style icon’s Milan Vukmirovic and has some of the most amazing designer labels.. I found out about The Webster a few months ago while internet searching everything Milan Vukmirovic and have been dyingggggg to check the space out ever since!!! The bottom floor (pictured above) is a more street style, main stream kind of zone.. A cool and simple layout makes everything look easily accessible and perfect as is.

You take the elevator and get to the second floor, top of the building where it all goes BOOM in your face!! It was so cool to see some things I’ve only been able to see in magazines or… I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside of The Webster’s second floor but had to attempt to break the rules to share the amazingness with you all so bare with me and squint those eyes if you gosta.. its worth it!!!!.. The second floor of The Webster hosts such a luxurious essence and tasteful feel.. Literally once you step out of the elevator, you almost gasp at how amazinggg it is up there.. Balmain, Givenchy, Dior and yes… GURLLLL YESS!!! That transparent YSL cape that everyone is dying over (which I think I kinda want so when im homeless from buying my Birkin I could protect it from the rain LOL).. THE MENS SECTION is also such a great aspect of the store to see. There is an amazing selectioin of well tailored and structured mens suits and jackets and then cool and casual clothing that almost converted me.. to the other side of the rack haha!! Gorgeous Pierre Hardy boots, Dior Homme, Balmain Homme and more.. I just can’t get over how amazing this store is haha!!

Once again I must emphasize on the buying in this store, the selection is simply beautiful.. The staff were very pleased to present their new arrival of Chanel! Just think about it like this, for a stand-alone boutique like The Webster to get Chanel they must be doing something crazayyyyy!!! I can’t wait to tune in for all the amazing events and projects that The Webster and its founders host.. And hopefully next time I go ill get to bump into… MILAN VUKMIROVIC… Fingers crossed lmaoo!!!

The Webster Miami
Address: 1220 Collins Avenue
Phone: +1 (305) 674-7899




Hermes Collier De Chien

On a recent short, but sweet trip to New York for the day the most unthinkable of the unthinkable took place… I finally managed to acquire that something special that I’ve been literally DYING for and fixated on for the past couple of years.. Like i don’t know if you understand the extent of my obsession… I literally google and search this thing up almost every night like a psycho Britney fan.. Cough, cough Chris Crocker.. Ok so this is how it went down… After all of the necessary showroom visits and running around were done for the day, my mother and I got time to finally make our time to stop at Hermes. When we got in to Hermes I looked around for it, but I didn’t see it.. So the first thing I asked for when someone said hello to me was if they had any Collier De Chien’s in.. There was one in a dark brown coffee bean and well this was it! SCORE!!! After repeatedly raping the Hermes hotline in Toronto, Miami & New York for month’s at a time I finally got my first Collier De Chien.. Pulling the hundreds out of my wallet was like the going through the process of being officially being blessed into the fashion world… & I now i almost feel complete.. & I still put myself on the list for a couple more Colliers which I hope to get at least one in Miami!! black lizard + silver hardware, basic black + silver hardware & red croc + silver hardware!!! Hermes better not be thinking I’m done ringing up their phone.. I STILL gotta get my Birkin!!!!!!!!!


J’aime Mon Carre; Hermes Toronto POP-UP Shop

One of the most unexpectedly fun party & event I have EVER been to! It was a rainy night, but that didn’t stop the silk from flying! Never in my wildest dream would I say that I attended a none the less Hermes Scarf Party unless I was part of some collectors cult full of kinda weird and kinda cool people from around the world..!! I had a great opportunity to meet some of the people behind the super luxurious brand and mingle with familiar faces, like the amazing sales team from the Bloor St. location. There were great festivities like the photo-booth and such interesting people at this cool little space.. One person in particular was such a crazy pleasure to laugh and share great conversation with, Jennifer, the President & CEO oh Hermes Canada is the coolest “boss lady” (besides my mother) that I have ever met!! We talked about the fun and glamour of Hermes and the longevity and retained value that a Hermes piece holds.. the fun in saving for that one special thing you know is well-made and will last you a lifetime!!

Don’t mind these random little strips haha I am utilizing the panorama feature that the Cannon Sp-800UZ camera I am using has and does it ever work so cool-ley lol.. I am obsessed with some of these features!! Pretty good for a first time panorama shot!!..

The dress up station downstairs was so much fun! Getting to literally play with Hermes scarves and throw around a big’ol Kelly bag!! What more could a Hermes obsessed fashion blogger ask for!!

Me & Miss thing hahaha!! Having an amazing chat up stairs and then having some crazy fun downstairs.. That photo station was where the part was at all night! People were jumping, throwing scarves in the a-yerr (lol) and just having some serious fun!!! Look at us haha..

I styled these two with huge Hermes scarves and then threw a tie around the waist to literally tie around the waist haha!!! Such a blast!!!

Some souvenirs from the night!! Wow.. what a friggin blast!!! Thanks Hermes!! J’aime Mon Carre p.s. can’t wait to put these Hermes pins all over my denim jackets and rock a scarf.. hmm.. OUTFIT INSPIRATION!! haha..


Miami Vice

You MUST play the song as you go through this post or it just wont work lol..

Going through pictures in my computer and came across this amazing shot I took back in 08/09 New Years in South Beach at the Mondrian Hotel (which has now become my second home).. This photo just reminded me not only how fast time goes by and how much I have changed in such a short time, but that in a few weeks I will once again be in my 3rd (after New York) favorite place in the world!!.. Miami is one of my favorite places in the world because of the glamour, I love the the fun of shopping in Bal Harbour or the nights where your in the lobby of the Delano and just hanging and watching people walk by in bikini’s and diamonds.. Theres the beach and then there’s the city, the perfect match! I found some more photos along the way from my trips to miami over the past couple of years. You can get a really good idea of just how much my style and just myself in general has changed- I’m scared I might have to disable the right click button so you guys can never save these pic’s and blackmail me haha!! lol check it out!!..

Summer 08 @ The Hotel Victor

Christmas & New Years 08/09 @ The Mondrian South Beach

Ahh.. New Years dinner at the Versace Mansion was the best!

Me & My cousin got our own room, which turned out to be a two bedroom, two bathroom penthouse suite lol…

09/10 Christmas & New Years @ The Mondrian South Beach

See you soon South Beach!!


Some Fall Pieces

Just a couple fall pieces in my wardrobe, heavy on grey, silver, details & textures. I am loving heavy knits & wool’s, strong detailed jackets & beautiful leathers in all shapes and forms.