What a weekend! I just finished an epic couple of days in New York with my Mastercard family for World Pride festivities! Not only did I get to catch 3,000,000 people participate in an epic parade but I was wowed by iconic performances at Pride Island by Pabllo Vittar, Teyana Taylor & GRACE JONES, (I mean GRACE JONES), which I enjoyed from the Mastercard suite!! I was in awe as she is someone we all know as being a legend so getting to see her perform, especially after how long she has conquered the industry, was such a treat! It was so nice getting to enjoy Pride, eat well and spend some time with friends I haven’t seen in a while!!! 

The undisputed highlight of this World Pride weekend was getting to join Mastercard at Pride Fest and getting my very own True Name card made in real time at Mastercard’s booth! If you follow me on Instagram, then you got to catch this moment as it happened on Sunday afternoon! 

Mastercard recently introduced the True Name card, which is the brand’s commitment to give transgender & non-binary people the ability to have their chosen name on the front of their card. This is an amazing initiative in an effort to avoid those awkward moments I know all too well. As someone who identifies as transgender, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked for a credit card or ID and because it doesn’t reflect how I look or identify myself, have had to deal with a strange double-take. There is nothing worse than having to explain my story in a moment when all I want is acceptance and privacy.

The True Name card gives me the ability to choose a True Name that reflects ME and let it proudly be seen on my card.  This is my choice and my story, and I am joining Mastercard on calling to the industry to apply these standards for everyone, ensuring a way for people’s financial products to reflect their true identity, and to be able to do what they need to do with piece of mind!!!

I know you’ve probably seen some posts about this before but I have always had a passion for music. I taught myself how to create (not on a professional level yet!) my own sounds.. I am a firm believer in diving into what your heart wants so I thought I would give it a try.. I started doing it a long time ago, nearly 10 years ago.. It’s actually how I made the name “Jay Strut” – “Jay Strut” was to be my stage name and I was suppose to pursue this dream of being a performer.. Although I put it on the side lines as long as I have I would rather be late to the show than not show up (lol).. So.. Here we are and I would love to share a song I recently sing on, wrote and produced on my little computer (I use garageband, use the keyboard as notes and sing into my apple headset lol..I have yet to go to a studio!!).. When I tell people I make music they think it’s a joke, or a funny caricature of music but I personally do not think it is and I hope you can give me a couple minutes of your time and check it out 🙂

Going into FAT, Toronto’s Alternative Fashion Week you always…ALWAYS expect nothing less than the unexpected.. Basically, sex, latex, spikes, body paint, and a whole lot of interesting moments. One MAJOR interesting moment came from my reaction when I was backstage. I literally bumped into the ToxicVision collection just moments before it was about to hit the runway and was I delighted.. First it started with some studded jackets and astral-printed pieces. Then, the icing on the cake was yep, you guesed it, a goat fur half & half black & white bolero. I DIED!!.. Im pretty sure I’m still not alive from this discovery lol. Don’t get me wrong, there was still a whole lot of sex, spikes & stuff but in this case, done quite admirably..

REALLY, COLOR? Is exactly what I asked myself when I felt the slightest urge to find orange pants to wear to Anna Dello Russo’s party here in Toronto. Not that I hate color or anything, it’s just that I dont really think I do it well, but here I was, hypocritically incorrect in my overwhelmingly printed Prada button down that managed to go perfectly with the scheme of things and a pair of highlighter orange trousers. This is my rendition of color-blocking- Did I do o.k. for wearing color?

YSL Blazer, Prada Button Down, Zara Trousers, Lanvin Sneakers, Lanvin x H&M Bowtie

p.s. major thanks to lightxheavy crew for taking one of my favorite photos of me!! Love this…