TODAY I’m thinking about

Not only about how cute this outfit is, that’s the obvious. But how much I can’t wait until it’s officially Spring so I can start rocking these colors. This is literally the color-palette for Spring/Summer I am going for. Grey and jeans exclusively, army/khaki/camo-green coats and black leather jackets, and any neutral color t-shirt/tank top.. #TheEseentialsForSpring lol.. That being said, the one place I will be going to capture all my needs will definitely be SHOPBOP! Right now they are having a sale for 25% off everything with the code SPRING25. That is correct, until April 10th on Shopbop and until April 12th get 25% off all your orders! Happy shopping!!

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inside Chanel Couture Ateliers LESAGE & LEMARIÉ

Words, video, images.. These things can barely capture the energy or describe the experience and feeling of travelling through the exclusive couture ateliers of the Chanel group while in Paris this past season, in March. LESAGE & LEMARIÉ, the embroidery and feather/detail specialists and coutouriers that do work not only for Chanel couture but for various other fashion houses couture collections opened their doors to us and gave us a once in a lifetime tour of, well, IT ALL… It was such an honor to be able to see the works of art we see walk down runways come to life and be hand sewed together with hours and hours of work and love going into each design. This was such an other-worldy experience and really increased my level of appreciation for fashion as an entity. The precision, patience, accuracy and overall skill that these individuals have been mastering for years, some even more then I’ve been living is simply astounding. I know I said that nothing besides really being there can justify the experience but please take this photos and really imagine yourself there and the feeling of seeing fashion really coming to life! Thank you for this wonderful experience and opportunity Chanel… Bisous Jay


Rings & Things

obsessed with the stacks on stacks of rings & naturally, the Cartier Love & Juste Un Clou bracelets. As my love for solid fine jewelry continues to grow I can see myself adorning my fingers and wrists in a style along these lines! I also love the one side silver & one side gold. #TakingMyCues!

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Oscar Pistorius

On 4 August 2012 Oscar Pistorius became the first double leg amputee ever
to participate in the Olympic Games when he entered the men’s 400 m race…..
Why waste a breathing moment on anything besides your dreams. When
in this world our dreams are all we ever want to accomplish.
I hope you know just how amazing you are, not only because of what are doing
but because of what you have decided to do. Cheers to the most amazing man in the world!
Congratulations, Oscar Pistorius.



Isabel Marant obsession… Red obsession.. Tie dye obsession.. Oversized, boxy jacket obsession..