Growning On Me; The Fendi Peekaboo

The more and more I’m seeing it, the more and more it’s growing on me… Enter the Men’s Fendi Large Peekaboo Monster Tote… Of course, I would have to be blind to have not been exposed to this bag over the last year and a half or so but just since having it’s it bag moment.. But.. .It wasn’t until I saw this photo above of the bag in a more fuller briefcase/tote form that gave me that tingly, slightly shaky, shoppers cringe lol! Oh man oh man oh man!


Je Voudrais: The Signature Black @BALMAIN Double Breasted Blazer

Something that I have been dreaming about for quite some time now is without a doubt this classic and iconic, signature double breasted Balmain blazer. It is literally my dream jacket, I know, how could I say this when I have the absolutely insane faberge blazer and some other pretty cool Balmain jackets! It’s because this is like the ultimate all day/every day piece, you can wear it up, down, left, right (you get the point haha!) – It’s a style staple and one I hope to soon have in my wardrobe!! #PrayingToTheFashionGods! Shop this piece now!


je voudrais; Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses

If you know me, then you know sunglasses are a freakishly particular thing to me! Like I am VVVVVVVERY particular about my sunglasses because they literally go on my face, the first thing you see is (sometimes, more then others) my sunglasses.. If you’ve been staying up to date with me for some time now then you know I have had a single pair of sunglasses that I have rocked out to the bone for the last like nearly 5 years.. I’ve recently been coming across these DIOR ‘So Real’ sunglasses more and more over the last few weeks and they’ve been growing on me more and more… Maybe it’s time to go give them a try!


TODAY I’m thinking about

Not only about how cute this outfit is, that’s the obvious. But how much I can’t wait until it’s officially Spring so I can start rocking these colors. This is literally the color-palette for Spring/Summer I am going for. Grey and jeans exclusively, army/khaki/camo-green coats and black leather jackets, and any neutral color t-shirt/tank top.. #TheEseentialsForSpring lol.. That being said, the one place I will be going to capture all my needs will definitely be SHOPBOP! Right now they are having a sale for 25% off everything with the code SPRING25. That is correct, until April 10th on Shopbop and until April 12th get 25% off all your orders! Happy shopping!!

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Hender Scheme ‘Manual Industrial Products’ Collection

So my friend Jonathan Shimoni of Faded Lifestyle and I were talking about a week ago now and he asked me what I thought of some shoes. He showed me some options, one of theme being the brand Hender Scheme and their ‘Manual Industrial Products’ collection- I was instantly in love! The retro-classic aesthetic of these shoes are not only timeless but somehow habitually on trend!!!.. Created as adaptations of classic kicks from Jordans to Air Forces(?), aside from style – what makes these kicks SO DOPE (and pricey! The ones I want a.ka. the ‘Manual Industrial Products 10 Natural’ go for $1, 290CDN) is not only, the fact that they are my colour-obsession and they are all leather but they are actually HAND CRAFTED so you know the attention to detail and quality is on another level (hence the ‘Manual’).. Another cool-factor which I personally love is that the ‘Natural’ selection of the shoes patina with age, meaning they change colour, not from dirt but from wear.. They go from what you see above to a more darker, natural golden brown with wear, a true sign of luxury (see below for a visual on how they colour and some of the other styles) See more below..

Hender Sceheme ‘Manual Industrial Products 10 Natural’ Sneakers

before and after ‘patina’

Learn more about Hender Scheme