Unboxing The #Hermes Swift Leather ‘Kelly Cut’ Clutch with Silver Palladium Hardware

Am I ever excited to share with you the newest addition to my Hermes collection! I am still in a state of disbelief that I was able to acquire this beautiful piece so quickly and effortlessly.. As I’ve read and been told in the past, the Hermes Kelly Cut (the clutch version of the Hermes Kelly Bag) is one of the rarest leather bags to acquire from Hermes, mainly because it’s produced in such low quantities in comparison to the (of course, iconic) Birkin & Kelly bags. From some insight that I received and overheard since inquiring about acquiring this piece, I learned that at the Madison Avenue store in Manhattan they had only received about 11 Kelly Cut bags this year so far which when you really think about it is quite crazy considering the the volume of the other products they have even including Birkin’s & Kelly’s. I personally fell in love with the bag quite some time ago after seeing it countless times flaunted ever so chicly by it’s wearers… I made my inquiry about a month and a half ago for my dream Kelly Cut bag.. It would have to be in silver hardware and black swift leather which I thought would be so edgy, simple and chic AND of course, go perfect with my mountain of leather jackets and leather pants!!! AND fast forward a month and a half later and there it was! Exactly what I wanted (my FIERCE little dream!)… Keep scrolling below to see a few more pics of the bag being unboxed!!


Unboxing; The Hermes Apple Watch ⌚️?⌚️?⌚️?⌚️?

Hey guys!! Happy Monday :):):):).. If you follow me on social media (instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc.) you will know that before the weekend I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Hermes Apple Watch!! I had been using the Apple Watch since it came out but the fashion obsessed freak in me obviously wanted the Hermes edition because well.. HELLO HERMES!!!! lol!! So of course I am familiar with the device as it is still quintessentially the same…BUT.. The little differences? They are great.. I do enjoy the new little features like the ‘HERMES P A R I S’ face and well of course, the key element.. The packaging and the interchangeable straps! I have to say that Apple & Hermes, did not compensate or cut corners on any asset of this collaboration..

The packaging is undoubtedly a real authentic Hermes experience. Even the dust bag the extra straps comes with is spot on to when you purchase real leather goods/straps at your local Hermes boutique. And the quality!?!?! Once I felt the straps there was no second guessing.. I also have to say!! I thought it was quite clever that the second hand doesn’t tick but rather slowly glides clockwise as luxury time pieces do!!! DOWN TO THE DETAILS!! lol… I have to say.. I have seen a lot of designer x tech & vice versa collaborations but I really have to give props to Apple & Hermes for this one.. It is a collaboration that is done to the best possible degree and makes so much sense.. It just works and for that I give it a big ol’ ONE HUNDO P!!! Now that I have unboxed the pieces I am going to be utilizing the device and seeing the wearability and functionality vs the style and design… So stay tuned to my social media & etc for more!!!!!

For more information bout the Hermes Apple Watch visit;


The Investment: Hermes Bags A Better Investment Then Stocks or Gold

According to a recent luxury goods study, it has been determined that Hermes handbag’s are better investments then gold & stocks. Based on the last 35 years, Hermes handbags [assuming a focus on the Birkin & Kelly] have increased in value by more than 500 percent due to the supply vs. demand.. The bags have an annual increase in value of 14.2% which means the sooner you ‘invest’ the more you save and the more you make!!!… Carrie Bradshaw did really say it best when she said “I like my money right where I can see it, in my closet!”…. I can truly say I am glad to be able to love what I invest in!! See more below…


Hermes 32cm ‘Bleu Nuit’ Togo Leather Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware

So… if you’ve seen on social media the last few weeks then you will (for the most part) know or have an idea that early December, I flew back early from Art Basel, in Miami because I got a magical little call that my amazing friends at Hermes Bloor St. in Toronto had something very special waiting for me.. So… I got on a flight home and went straight to the Hermes store where I would find this beauty sitting pretty! I am so excited to share my very first Hermes Kelly bag and more so, as I see it, I am so excited to share another milestone for me.. I don’t know if you remember but a couple years back I got myself my Cartier Love Bracelet as a 1 year milestone for taking my blog seriously and doing it as it’s own entity for one year.. Now I celebrate a new achievement and feeling of freedom, prosperity and especially hard-work by acquiring this new lovely piece… Not only is it this milestone, but of course a bag of this caliber has always been something of dream to me so I have acquired this amazing dream bag!! I am always so excited to find an excuse to wear my new bag and funnily enough, fell in love with the dark and deep tone of the navy. I thought I would only ever want black especially because it’s such a safe thing for me to do for such an intense purchase but I actually really like that the navy challenges me and my style and is actually a nice contrast against my regularly black wardrobe… It’s so cool that this ‘bleu nuit’ colour actually changes with it’s environment, some lighting it’s completely black, some it’s bluer then ever and then some times it’s a smokey dark dark grey. LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!


Simply Hermèsistible

Exciting news Hermes lovers! Today, Hermes launches their newest online world of women’s accessories, called, Hermèsistible.. How chic right!? If you know you know I love a good play on words so I instantly fell in love with the name f the new online destination… The site is an online destination with roll through content that comes to life as you explore… Hermèsistible, by fashionable definition is an illustrated dictionary of moods comprised primarily of the experience of fleeting jealousy, a creative idleness, a gentle dash of madness, or an impulsive desire to pack your bags, without being able to articulate exactly how you feel? “Jalousele”, “Aparesse”, “Follitude”, “Escapitude”, “Impulcie”… Check out the video above to get a feel of what to expect at www.hermes.com/hermesistible