Shortly after Prabal Gurung had his Spring/Summer 2012 show during NYFW I shared how obsessed and in love I was with his collection! Now a couple months later you’d think I’d be a bit more sedated, you know, casually excited about the Spring… BUT NOOOOO! I I WANT IT NOWWWW!!!!!!…I have now become an OBSESSIVE FLORAL-HUNGRY ALMOST 21 YEAR OLD PSYCHO-PATH listening to Fergie – Glamorous and mentally rehearsing my struttings around New York in February during Fashion Week in these two outfits from Prabal Gurung’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.. I would be so chic with hands in pockets and all…Oh please god help me, I can’t stop thinking about how chic this would look, how much I could WERQ it and how different and interesting these looks would LEWK on me with my added personal touches i.e. Doc Marten boots, big sunnies & maybe some monkey fur for the good ol’ February cold. If there is a fashion god out there, I would be taaaa-werqing around Lincoln Center in this come New York Fashion Week in February lol!!!!!!




Hermes Collier De Chien

On a recent short, but sweet trip to New York for the day the most unthinkable of the unthinkable took place… I finally managed to acquire that something special that I’ve been literally DYING for and fixated on for the past couple of years.. Like i don’t know if you understand the extent of my obsession… I literally google and search this thing up almost every night like a psycho Britney fan.. Cough, cough Chris Crocker.. Ok so this is how it went down… After all of the necessary showroom visits and running around were done for the day, my mother and I got time to finally make our time to stop at Hermes. When we got in to Hermes I looked around for it, but I didn’t see it.. So the first thing I asked for when someone said hello to me was if they had any Collier De Chien’s in.. There was one in a dark brown coffee bean and well this was it! SCORE!!! After repeatedly raping the Hermes hotline in Toronto, Miami & New York for month’s at a time I finally got my first Collier De Chien.. Pulling the hundreds out of my wallet was like the going through the process of being officially being blessed into the fashion world… & I now i almost feel complete.. & I still put myself on the list for a couple more Colliers which I hope to get at least one in Miami!! black lizard + silver hardware, basic black + silver hardware & red croc + silver hardware!!! Hermes better not be thinking I’m done ringing up their phone.. I STILL gotta get my Birkin!!!!!!!!!


Operation Inspiration.. Quick Fix Denim, Studs, Wang & Ri-Ri

This is this weekends, outfit inspiration..
Im seriously having some weird fixation with
Studs & vets.. Not to mention those effin
Jimmy choo boots..
Anyways.. Rihanna is pretty much the epitome
of what i want to mimic but in more of a
Prince-Michael JacksonxThriller Look..
I guess i am a giver-inner of this studded trend
that is taking place just about everywhere in todays world..
But if im going to do it..
im going to do it right!!

Lets see if i can pull it off!!
(Well duhh obivously i can!!)
Or find the things to make it pop..
Oh .. And ive been looking for packets
of Studs to DIY.. Anyone know where i can find??



i really, seriously, verily am in love with this guys hair..
I always love the look of this kind of hair for men
or for women…. It reminds me of

which in turn
gives me some serious memories
and loving flashbacks of this
beautiful man!!


Ahh i love chain-remembering things haha..
Can’t wait to grow my hurrr out a bit more..
Well quite a bit more
and hopefully get it going like these..