DECODED by DIESEL – Fall/Winter 2015 Brand Campaign

Photographed by Richard Burbridge and designed and creative directed by Nicola Formichetti, Decoded by DIESEL, the new Fall/Winter campaign for 2015 combines real and raw photography with direct and transparent headlines – cutting through with a high-fashion aesthetic and unexpected genuine message. AND ALLS I KNOW IS THAT I NEED THAT SAFETY PIN DENIM JACKET!!!!!!!!! – No but honestly I love how simple and forward the campaign is! It’s very get the job done and the clothes really speak.. Still obsessing over that jacket though!!!!! OMGOMGOMG


Word On The Web: Alexander Wang is out of Balenciaga

According to a report published, Kering, Balenciaga’s parent company, has decided not to renew Wang’s contract, resulting in his Spring 2016 show being his last. Kering has not officially confirmed Wang’s departure, it is said that the search for his replacement has already begun. Citing Alessandro Michele’s critical and financial successes at Kering-owned Gucci, a source reports that the corporation is open to hiring an unknown designer at Balenciaga.


Unboxing: The Eighth – @the8ighth

Let’s see what’s inside…Continue reading to see!

I mean, to this day, I don’t think that I’ve ever blogged about undergarments, underwear, boxers, etc…. People, we are having moment here! But no seriously, it is with great pleasure that I introduce THE EIGHTH – A luxury menswear undergarment brand from New York that provides a premium experience for the down under!!! I didn’t know exactly what to expect at first.. But MEN, can I say, these things are like butter lol! I was having a sensory overload kinda feeling when I unboxed the briefs and felt the texture…. I mean Vanity Fair gave a huge stamp of approval for these bad boys – I to am undoubtedly on board!!.. Oh and the packaging!? I mean, at $55 a pop, what would you expect right!? Gorgeous individual packing, wrapping, personalized details like their own branded stickers and embossed case holster.. Boo Boo I am living in my Eighth’s….

Check out for more about these magical lil ol’ things…


Public School Fall/Winter 2015 Ad Campaign

The brand who just ruled the men’s fashion week in New York has dropped their newest ad-campaign for their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Looking like a scene from a new/up-coming Matrix Movie.. ‘Matrix: Public School Revolution’ lol! The campaign was Shot by Greg Harris and starring Karolin Wolter and Sam Worthen. The clothes feature a 90’s Voguing inspiration [YASSSS QUEEEEN!!!] so I guess that explains the thought process behind the campaign, which I must say is a far detach from what I would of expected for them, something on the street, or super clean and simple… “I guess, subconsciously, we maybe try to get away from what people may think about what Public School is,” says Maxwell Osborne, co-founder and co-creative director for Public School! Continue reading to see more from the campaign!


@JohnElliottCo Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Collection at New York Men’s Fashion Week #NYFWM

Since you guys know I don’t really have a filter or big vocabulary of words to describe how much I love things sometimes, it’s regularly just “YASS, OMG, LIVING, DONE, DYING, DEAD, DOPE, FAVOURITE, OWNED, #THEYWON” etc…. Right.. LOL! Well, that my friends, is exactly how I feel about John Elliott’s Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear show that showed in New York for the inaugural men’s fashion week taking place as we speak… In my opinion, John Elliott has really mastered the art of the cool, street style , necessity-based wardrobe.. Everything he shows is something you can justify.. “Oh I need this because / Oh this is perfect because / Oh I’ve been needing that because / etc….” For me this Spring/Summer 2016 collection is the ultimate men’s style staple go-to from the sweats to sweaters, cargo coats to bomber jackets.. Everything has it’s reason for being but also undoubtedly infuses any closet with ++COOL++ points!! Those are my thoughts, but hey what do I know lol!!