“You can have a girl jump around and have everything beautiful, or you can choose to tell a human story that highlights someone you love,” told Brandon Maxwell about his Spring 2017 campaign.. And that this did, literally hooked my eyes to the screen from that beginning March on the Detroit streets to the closing of the divider at the end…  Designer, Brandon Maxwell enlisted his close friend and muse Riley Montana to share a glimpse of her self showcasing her Detroit roots.. Captured by filmmaker Jessy Price the eye-opening mini fashion film showcases not only the humble roots of a fashion power’s muse but of course also the gorgeous clothing of designer Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2017 collection… Enjoy

I think one of the biggest surprises that hit the mens fashion week runways was definitely the collaboration between Louis Vuitton & Supreme! I think it quite literally broke the fashion industries & hype-beasts alike internet lol!!! It was in a fashion + street-lovers sense… SENSORY OVERLOAD!! Here are some exclusive behind the scenes images I got from the Louis Vuitton Press Release to share with you guys!

I am freakishly mesmerized by this coat that shows during John Galliano’s Spring 2017 couture collection for Maison Martin Margiela…. The piece, which showed in Paris just a few days ago now, during the couture shows shares a face moulded and embroidered from tulle on a simple long coat which I just can not take my eyes off of… Quite frankly I find this is just simply genius and the epitome of wearable art… This is really John Galliano re-asserting himself as one of THE creative forces in fashion… I literally wish to have been able to see this move down the runway… I feel, this moment just needs.. Well… a moment!

When you think that one… One being, Uncle Karl, could never out do himself.. There he goes again.. Then again, we should know by now, that there is never really any stopping the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld…. For the Spring/Summer 2017 collection runway presentation, Team Chanel, turned the Grand Palais into a digital science center making “Intimate technology” the theme of his collection. It is stated that Lagerfeld’s vision for this collaboration ‘celebrates a woman walking through kilometres of cables, metallic racks and computer cabinets: she is the very heart of the Data Center CHANEL, she who is the final word and the mistress of this digital universe. This season more than ever, with grace and tenderness, femininity takes control in a collection that allies the audacity of lingerie and the comfort of tweed. The Spring-Summer 2017 CHANEL woman wears her babydoll and negligee in silk and lace. And over that she nonchalantly sports a tweed jacket with rounded shoulders, long sleeves and wide lapels, and a pair of culottes zipped at the front and back. She wears a robot-clutch.’ – All in all I have to say THAT LITTLE MINI ROBOT CLUTCH IS EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I said on social media ‘let the OCD’ begin.. I can imagine it’s already pre-ordered to the gods and back!!!! Can’t wait to see these looks (my favourites above) come to life in campaigns, editorials and more as the time comes! Happy #PFW!