MENTHE x Le Chanel Trompe L’oeil Boy Bag

Bag – Chanel / Pants – Mugler / Boots – Dr. Martens / Coat – Just Cavalli

With Spring here but realistically not really ~I took it into my own hands to own the moment and channel some Spring vibes with a monochromatic mint-themed look. Naturally because this is out of my [all black everything] comfort zone I took it upon myself to balance the brightness with the military Just Cavalli coat that did the trick perfectly… ALSO.. Can we take a moment to pause and catch our breathe after being mesmerized by this Spring/Summer 2014 CHANEL Trompe L’oeil Boy Bag? Ain’t it just somethin’?.. It’s like other wordly ain’t it?? I am kinda obsessed to the point I have been practically sleeping with it… BUTT In further news please please please forgive me for the big lack of posting since getting back to Canada from Europe. As I always say/you can imagine the madness didn’t stop when I got back from travelling the last 3 months for men’s, haute-couture & women’s fashion weeks in America & Europe. Once I landed is was go go go as it was also Toronto Fashion Week here in the city and I was part of the very small team producing and executing the biggest, if not most important fashion show of the week. It was beyond anything I could of ever expected and really pushed me to all my limits, needless to say,I came, I saw, I twerked, I worked and long behold… I conquered and am really proud of everyone who was part of this journey, and I am pretty damn honored myself to of been able to be part of something so ground breaking in Toronto. Anyways I have some exciting and chic posts coming up in the next few days so stay tuned okay!? XOJAY



As you may of read across my social media platforms. I got my hands on a couple pieces from the #IsabelMarantPourH&M collaboration collection. Since my most recent acquisitions I have seriously felt a serious heart filling sensation.. Or, in lamer terms, I FEEL COMPLETE! The quality is unmatched, seriously, probably has to be one of the finest of the collaborations. My trousers are such a delicious lambskin and the sweater is done so well, I can only imagine how epic the rest of the collection is! Anyways, to all of you who got in line and scored yourselves some of this major fashion collaboration, congrats!



leather tank top & pants En | Noir – Boots Dr. Martens – Necklaces, Givenchy, Shayan Afshar & KG & Co.

I always say there is never a bad time for leather and that is clearly evident here where I have no regard for the dessert heats blistering me like a mother heffer because you know, I just LUUUHV leather… I said it in the last post and I will say it again, I am super excited for this September and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.. I have been meaning to do a post in these En | Noir pants since they were gifted to me right after they shot the lookbook for Spring 2013… Yes, there were literally right off Willy Cartier haha.. Also, please take note of my new admiration for gold chains, I know I am no rapper status but that was never a mission of mine anyway, I just love the simple and clean look of these chains against everything I’ve been wearing..


The Quilted Dr. Martens

They are finally officially mine! The super sought after quilted monochromatic Dr. Martens. So major, so so major! I don’t ever want to take them off, and ontop of it, the leather is so good and puffy that I didn’t even have to break them in! It’s just wear and go! So major. You will be seeing lots of these from now on, my new signa-cha Doc’s! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Some New Dr. Martens

As you can see, yes, those are quilted Dr. Martens above, I mean, really!? Is this real life!? I can’t believe it!? I almost passed out when I first saw these. If you know me then you know I always start a Dr. Martens post with my undying love and affection or the brand and source facts stating knowledge of people who know me only for wearing Docs. Well it’s true, I really only really ever wear Dr. Martens boots! They took over my life a few years ago and have been going strong ever since.. Personally I think I broke in to them at a really good time because season after season they have continued to push and pursue design, style, texture and more and aren’t stopping but continuing to expand their reach with their new forms and functions. Check out some of their upcoming selections for Fall/Winter 2013!