UBER COOL swedish style brand COS, maintains their sleek and minimal design but incorporates a utilitarian chic aspect to it all for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection…. With (for the brand at least) a spectrum of colour ranging from blues and sands to salmons and greens, the Spring Summer 2017 collection features a range of styles.. Personal favourites? I love the blue jackets, the proportions to the shade of blue is perfect, I also love the green jacket above! I think it’s a great layering piece and I can just imagine it with a pair of black leather pants, my favourite boots and a black turtle neck under while I stomp through the Jardin Des Tuileries, in Paris, come January for fashion week!!


ALSO, in other COS related news, the brand has opened it’s third retail location inside of Toronto’s (NOW ICONIC and luxury infested mall) Yorkdale Mall!! I had the pleasure of checking out the store last week and must say it is another beautiful space by the brand!! Can’t wait for many shopping excursions to the mall with COS in mind!


Jacket – COS

If you know me then you know I..HAVE..MY..UNIFORM… You know.. My little black top and little black leather jacket, etc.. etc… BUT up until recently I have probably been going far beyond even my own expectations and venturing into the realm of the unknown.. i.e. soft, light, pastel-ish colours… I always make such a big deal about wearing something besides black because to me it really is a big deal!!!!… That being said… Here, my friends, is exhibit B, in the last post I wore a grey monochromatic look to the Saks opening AND HERE I am wearing a beautiful blush tone jacket from one of Toronto’s newest addition to the Mink Mile, COS – I wore this beautiful blush 3/4 length jacket to the 2016 Notable Awards the other night and I have to say.. THE BLUSH.. LEFT ME BLUSHING BOO BOO!! Not only do I a) now LOVE this colour against my skin-tone and want to wear it 1,000,000x over (I mean, technically I knew it would be fierce BUT I literally was to shy to wear it because it was so foreign for me! I KNOW FML…) but it seemed to be a hit with everyone to! I had countless compliments not only on the colour, but the flow and texture as well… This piece is from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and is actually the jacket from their lookbook, LOOK 7 AND is going to be dropping in stores soon.. I definitely am so excited for all the light neutral tones that are extremely prevalent this coming season so stay tuned!!!

photo x George Pimentel