Let’s Talk Tech x Apple iPhone 6

What could be more fitting than gallivanting around ‘THE 6(Drake voice) with the new iPhone6 in hand? Snapping pictures from wall to wall, plane to party, with family and friends, I have been #OBSESSED with the iPhone 6’s new features! I recently got my paws on the latest iPhone 6, known for it’s newly improved picture quality from “Focus Pixels,” designed to speed up autofocusing by giving more information about the subject being photographed, improved auto image stabilization (which gets rid of THE FUZZIES) from motion, and a front-facing FaceTime HD camera with a new sensor and f/2.2 aperture. This front-facing camera can take in 81 percent more light, which results in low-aperture photos. In addition, users are able to take burst mode selfies with the front-facing camera for the very first time! Talk about reaching a new level of #SELFIEGAME #OBSESSELFIE!!

My new, GOLD iPhone offers faster LTE, reaching up to 150 Mbpss in speed. In addition, the device supports Voice over LTE aka. VoLTE, which lets users make better phone calls over LTE. Other than all of these connectivity improvements, the iPhone6 is the first to offer support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This means that the new Wi-Fi is able to connect at lightening speed, 3 times faster than the 802.11n networks. In this case, ALL THAT GLITTERS REALLY IS GOLD, well… for the iPhone 6 at least.