Oh the holidays!!!! Not only the time of joy, Christmas lights, (a new favourite) mulled wine and whatever else may cometh as the days draw closer to jolly old Christmas…. BUT.. Also… That time of the year when it becomes so unbearably cold here in Canada that the sudden urge to book last minute and random flights to.. I don’t know.. Let’s say.. Miami!? It seems to happen much more frequently and aggressively than normal!! AND… It’s those days, like today where I look outside my window to a grey, cold sky knowing that only a couple hours and something minutes away is a beach, a margarita and an entire city waiting for me to just frolic it up lol!!! But it’s also SUPER annoying because I have a curse where I always book things like this last minute and end up paying wrecked premiums on flights that were half the price only some weeks before!!

This year, I feel slightly more inclined than ever to pursue my travel urges and just literally go with it.. Care to know why!?!?.. Well… I guess if you’ve read this far you clearly are going to find out haha!! This year, hesitation finds itself dissolving into thin air as I learn more and more about all the perks of being an American Express Cardmember!!! First and foremost definitely has to be the new Fixed Points Travel Program – This new program literally has FIXED point redemption rates so I do not have to worry about flying at peak times – WHICH basically means, I won’t have to worry about when I book!! I JUST GOTTA BOOK!!! AND if I am feeling fancy, I can even book Business class with this program which really means there are no borders to how free I can feel when I fly!!

Then the tricky part!!! Finding the perfect place to rest my head come nightfall and planning SO LAST MINUTE!! I am so picky when it comes to hotels when I travel. They need to be chic, clean, pose an opportunity for a good instagram backdrop for a big ol’ chunk of my content and be somewhat economical!! AND THEN the annoying thing is trying to book reso’s at my favorite hot spots in Miami especially during a busy time like Art Basel!!

That all being said, I definitely think it’s time for me to stop the yammering and look into booking considering I only actually got a couple weeks left!! Thankfully with this new program I can even book flights with a fixed point redemption rate over the holidays, so no worrying about fare hikes! Luckily for me, I get to do this with reliability, consistency and ease of use this time around and you can too!! Visit [this link] to learn more about the Fixed Points Travel program for yourself!! Happy and safe travelling this holiday season!!! Xo

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.


GOOD DAY from London! Seriously, words can’t even describe how much of an amazing time I have been having out here in London during Fashion Week with American Express UK! Their Amex Insiders concierge service has proven to be the BEST way to navigate through a foreign city during one of its craziest times! Getting from Point A to Point B never looked so CHIC! That being said I wanted to share with you some of the Amex Insiders concierge services that was provided to me during my stay here in London!

Morning pick-ups from my location to get to the shows on time! But the pick-ups didn’t stop there, to get to and from other destinations was hassle free and all made available at nothing but a simple request! I could get used to this life!!!

I was invited to experience some of the shows as a cardmember would do, so I started by checking in to the Amex Insiders booth on site at the Somerset house where the hub of London Fashion Week is! Here you settle in and connect with your hosts who will get you all set up for the day ahead including the major runway shows they have planned for you to attend!

With a few moments to spare before the show you are treated to a lovely glass of champagne with fellow Amex Insiders from around the world! It’s at this time you can meet who else is here at the same time for the same reason you are and get to hear of fellow Insider’s concierge stories!! #OhTheLuxxeLife

Show time! After a few sips of some complimentary champagne it’s time to head over to the show! You are personally escorted by your Amex Insiders hosts who walk you past pass the line-ups and herds of fashion-lovers and photographers waiting outside of shows directly to your seat.. It’s here where you wait for the fun to unfold!

After the fashion show you can either choose to stay on site or do as you may! Since I had some time in between shows I asked the Amex Insiders to make me some reservations at a chic spot to have a nice little lunch in between shows! They did their duties to get me a last minute reservation at London fashion week hot-spot! That being said, I ate well as hell! After that it’s a car back to the London Fashion Week hub (Somerset house) and off to the next show!

To Amex UK, thank you ever so much for having me and not only that, having me and showcasing your delightful city to me in such a way! I not only felt like such a VIP but also like I was at home in London! The Amex Insiders were super friendly and helpful and the entire experience was a dream! XOJAY


I am so excited to be here at London Fashion Week with American Express to experience just how LUXXE the Amex Insiders concierge service works! This is my first time in London EVER so I am so excited to be getting to do this the right way with this experience! First show up this fashion week was the talented Christopher Raeburn’s Fall/Winter 2014 womenswear runway show which hashtag literally served up woodland hunter girl chicness with a side of earthy-toned prints and fur accents to bring it all together. This season Christopher also included a digital print he created with inspiration from AMEX Insiders in the collection! Side note, the bulky back-pack situation is now solidified as a MUST c/o Raeburn’s designs! Between the furry textures and pops of bright colors I was very pleased to have the chance to watch such a cool collection make its way down the runway for my debut London Fashion Week experience… As an added plus I got the chance to ask Christopher a few questions about fashion, life and his collaboration with American Express! See more pictures from the show and read it all below and stay tuned for more from the Amex Insiders experience!!

4 Questions with Christopher Raeburn

1. How you start in design and what was the moment you decided to go full force with it? I studied fashion at Middlesex and then the Royal College of Art, but really it was my interest in military design and my discovery of all the excess military garments and materials that exist that started a fascination with the idea of reinvention. I wanted to create a new modern aesthetic evolving the original garment into something statement and stand out. Exploring sustainability as a concept isn’t something we set out to do, but it’s really very important to us and it just makes good sense.

2. What is the center focus of this season’s collection? What is the inspiration behind your design aesthetic? Inspired by the Ragnar Axelsson exhibition ‘Last Days of the Arctic’, I wanted to explore the idea of disappearing landscapes, wildlife and culture of the arctic pioneers. In womenswear in particular I think the shapes and silhouettes really come through.

3. Who is the IT individual to design for? Maybe a celebrity, a fashion icon, anyone? One of things I love is seeing many different kinds of people wearing our clothes; Tinie Tempah has been a great supporter and then we’ve also had people like Hilary Alexander the former Fashion Director of the Telegraph who has worn our clothes or Blake Lively who wore one of our jackets in US Vogue back in 2010 – all amazing people from massively different backgrounds and it’s great to have this kind of broad appeal and to make clothes that people of different ages and from different backgrounds really love to wear.

4. What do you see for the future of your design house? To continue to develop and be recognised for our intelligent design and the craft of Remaking, and to continue to establish a unique aesthetic derived form this way of working. We want to grow and develop but in a sustainable and organic way that allows us

also some questions answered about the collaboration with American Express Fashion Insiders

1. What are the key elements to the American Express Insiders’ outfits this season? The key elements to the outfits are bespoke capes in a green and black tartan for men and our seasonal print for women. As you might expect, they are very practical; reflective of the military references that are always present in our collections, reinterpreted and modernised. strong functionally, yet beautiful and dynamic aesthetically. The capes are teamed with our signature quilted raglan sweaters in black and classic simple trousers and shoes to let the capes shine.

2. What did you want to convey in the design and style of the Amex Insiders outfits? We wanted to bring to life the seasonal concept of arctic exploration and capture the aesthetics in the AW14 collection. We wanted the Amex Insiders to be a part of the show, part of the collection. Further to that, there are the practical requirements; they need to stand out and be visible around Somerset House. They need to be appropriately dressed in every sense – for the time of year, so bearing in mind the cold, wind, rain potentially – as well as wearability, them being on their feet all day, all of this was considered in the design process.

3. How does it differ creating an outfit for the ultimate concierge, to the ‘Christopher Raeburn’ customer? The combination of practicality and functionality with a strong aesthetic are the very things that are important to us when designing a collection, so not massively different, just perhaps a different expectation of how they will be worn and enjoyed!


Do I got some news for you! Listen up! Listen up! I am beyond overwhelmed with joy to share that I am here in London, England at London Fashion Week to share my first London Fashion Week experience with American Express and their Amex Insiders concierge service! What is the Amex Insiders concierge service you ask? If you are unfamiliar with the concierge service it is a one of a king cardmembers service that provides American Express cardmembers with a unique opportunity to have all their wildest desires met. Whether it be wanting to surprise your dinner date with a bottle of the finest perfume mid dinner straight from your favorite boutique or in this case whether it be wanting to catch some of the finest fashions makin’ their way down the Somerset House catwalk! As part of its commitment to support LFW Amex, American Express has set up an Amex Insiders concierge booth to help any on-site attendees, whether you are a cardmember or not, to experience the service that thousands of cardmembers have access to everyday. Helping with your show schedule, hailing you a cab etc. That being said, welcome a couple of my friends this week! These poncho-wearing saviours are the Amex Insider Concierge in their stylish custom created Christopher Raeburn poncho readily available on site at London Fashion Week to get you to where you need to go this season! If you spot them out say hi for me, snap a pic and don’t forget the #AmexStyle hashtag!!