With the first day of summer right around the corner, I’m committing to find a Summer time piece to wear without
worry of getting it damaged should I ever go to the beach back in Miami or get it wet BUT course MOST IMPORTANTLY a watch that
will give LOOKS, STYLE AND FASHION! Right now, I’m looking at two different Rollies that can be found on Bob’s
Watches. One is a modern timepiece while the other is a vintage.


First, I’m thinking about this vintage Submariner. This watch can go doing into the water up to 200m or
660 ft. It is very unlikely that I’ll ever really go that deep. Of course, I probably wouldn’t let this one
touch the water since it’s on a leather strap. This vintage Rolex is at very fair price considering that this
watch has a glossy gilt dial. Which basically means the face of the watch is shiny/glossy. This is
something I’d love to wear.

For the modern watch I’m taking an in-depth look at the Submariner 116610. The modern version of the
Submariner. This watch is an all-time classic and can seriously be worn for any occasion. Whether I’m
going to a party, dressing up for a wedding, going for a dive, or just casually wearing it around my
friends and family, this Rolex is pretty hard to beat. It has a simple design and it isn’t too flashy.
I’m having a hard time picking which one I should go for. Which of these two watches do you like? I
simply love both the vintage and modern watches by Rolex so I’m going to need your help.

RELIGIOUS AND NON-RELIGIOUS / is the brand ethos for Toronto based jewelry brand ITSIRIS – Which coincidentally since getting my hands and neck on some goodies has become my new jewelry obsession and staple pieces. I willingly and undeniably have not gone out without at least one piece from this set. Aside from the aesthetic and design, the quality is just superb… You should go get some yourself @ http://www.itsiris.com 

I very rarely differ from what I normally love but on a recent trip to New York, I stumbled across the DiOr store and couldn’t resist my unquenchable thirst for the mini Lady Dior bag! My mom loved the ostrich one beside (my future baby?). Now I am fixated and have not stopped thinking about it since! I normally only carry Hermes or Chanel bags BUT am very excited at the idea of branching out to DiOr with this new little piece of lovely! I am obsessed with the metal chain strap, as oppose to the conventional leather strap. As well as the size and open flap. I am obsessing over the idea of how easy it is to access and wear… Let’s see what happens 😉

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Holt Renfrew, Off-White x Jimmy Choo, launch party here in Toronto. I also had the pleasure of being blessed with those dope AF* white Sara boots, which at first I was a little skeptical about because I mean.. white boots – BUT I feel like white boots are totally having their moment right now and not for anything, I totally fell T.F. (no not TOM FORD!) in love with them immediately. I love how sharp the toe is, I was saying I COULD TAKE THE SIM CARD OUT OF MY DAMN iPHONE WITH THOSE THINGS bhahahaahah!!

images via: Freshmen Friday