flannel – Levi’s / denim – Diesel / sunglasses – Cutler & Gross

So after our week and some days in The Hamptons (which I still of course have to share) we decided to head down to New York for a night before heading back home! Prior to heading to NY we did some shopping and I found two things I have now not stopped being obsessed with! First, is without a doubt this Levi’s flannel that literally gives me Saint Laurent proportion shivers (a few people actually asked me if it were Saint Laurent) and I was like! LOL NOPE!!! Paid about a thousandth of the price and looking just as good haha!! And then there is this Prada moment that… No.. Can we please just take a few seconds to inhale, exhale and give our YASSSSSESSSSSSS!!!! Can’t wait to give this a full lewk for the Couture shows in January!!!!


Eyewear, Saint Laurent 001 Sunglasses / Shorts, Balmain / Henley, H&M / Boots, Chanel / Bag, Hermes Kelly Cut/


Nothing like a gorgeous summer stroll in one of your favourite neighbourhoods in New York!!! While wandering around the city streets I stumbled upon this cool little nook to take some shade which ended up leading into a vintage market (right behind the plastic curtains behind me) somewhere off like Spring street or something and of course, turned it into a photoshoot!!! I have to say with the extreme heat that was hitting Manhattan, this quickly became my casual but cool uniform and honestly.. I don’t think I’ve talked about this yet, but I can’t stress how hard it was for me to find a new pair of sunglasses that would go with my style since loosing my vintage Gianfranco Ferre’s I got from Vintage Frames a few years ago!! Luckily, I finally found these new Saint Laurent’s which have been the perfect companion for blocking out the HATERS (& the sun of course!!!! LOL!!!!)… I actually ended up getting this pair from SmartBuyGlasses.ca which was a great decision because I couldn’t actually find them anywhere in real life (they were sold out everywhere all the time!) – SmartBuy is great because they always have stock of amazing and exclusive styles, check out their Summer Style Guide, here to see some of their essentials for the rest of the hot season :):)… Otherwise, UGH.. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE NEW YORK!?…. After all the countless trips in the past and these three weeks, I am still head over heels!!! *le sigh*

What a crazy week! From the Met-Gala afterparties at Gilded Lilly and then at UP & Down which was literally like BA-NANA’s.. I nearly had conniption over how much GLAM was going on at Up & Down after the Met-Gala… Seriously… What else.. AN amazing little trip up to Madison Hermes, which I haven’t been to in so long because for some reason I never make it past 30th in NY lol!… To the Balmain NYC boutique store opening which was so chic and cool ”Hey Olivier!!!”… TO that all leather Balmain jumpsuit that I literally just can’t get enough of right now!! SLAYY MAAMAAAA SLAAAAAY!!!!!! Just a seriously crazy, fun, productive, exquisite week… And here.. is literally what images/clips I captured from the trip… You know what I say!! Sometimes you must be having REAL authentic fun if you don’t have a lot of pictures to document the night!!! That being said………. Enjoy! XOjay

HELLO 2016!!! Another year has passed and another year comes to fill our lives with new experiences, journeys, stories, adventures, love and……. & whatever else comes along the way… That being said, yes, I was a little bit absent from my blog the last couple of weeks as I was on my annual holiday vacation to Miami… It’s here where I really had the chance to think about what I want for myself next year… I mean.. This year now… what I can see myself doing, what I really want to achieve… I say that because Miami really makes me dream, especially when I am in the design district.. All the glamour, the fashion the luxury..It really helps you keep your sense of standards set high..I feel like luxury and fashion always do that to me.. They keep me dreaming and keep motivated… That’s why I love coming here….Then.. there’s the other side of the spectrum.. The side where… Maybe I am afraid I won’t reach my goals, maybe, I won’t be able to acquire all that I want in 2016….What if no body want’s to follow me anymore in 2016? What if no one cares? What if, what if, what if….So many what if’s from so many different sides.. But oh well.. Can’t live in fear, can we….. All I personally know is that no matter what, everything happens for a reason.. Right!? So.. It’s time to get to work and enjoy the ride!! To everyone reading this!! Happy 2016… Let’s get it!..