Hey guys! So a lot of people ask me about my skin, a lot of you guys! From how I have my glow, to how my cheeks are so smooth, etc.. So here it is.. Aside from a basic regiment I use that is strictly of Extra-Virgin olive oil (yes, I use extra-virgin olive oil all over my face and body after every shower and at any other opportunities to moisturize) I have been using the new Phillips Shaver Series 9000 to make sure the base of my face (a.k.a facial hair is all GONE GONE GONE!) is naturally at it’s most baby-looking, hairless and clean…

Why I am so adamant about this device is because of all of it’s great features.. From the ability to adjust the speeds, optional shaving heads and most importantly the ability to chose between a dry or wet shave.. I am not going to lie, I tend to just dry shave and go when I am in a rush and because I guess I haven’t done it properly in the past, it has left my skin burning and irritated #NEVERAGAIN… Aside from that it’s a gorgeous device, it’s sleek, clean and just something that definitely is the hottest accessory to hit my bathroom shelves lol!.. I thought this would be an exceptional gift idea.. Now with only a couple days left till the holiday I know it’s coming a bit late noticed but I have to say there is never not a perfect time to give the gift of a clean shave haha!

To purchase or learn more about the Philip Shaver Series 9000 click here.


What could be more fitting than gallivanting around ‘THE 6(Drake voice) with the new iPhone6 in hand? Snapping pictures from wall to wall, plane to party, with family and friends, I have been #OBSESSED with the iPhone 6’s new features! I recently got my paws on the latest iPhone 6, known for it’s newly improved picture quality from “Focus Pixels,” designed to speed up autofocusing by giving more information about the subject being photographed, improved auto image stabilization (which gets rid of THE FUZZIES) from motion, and a front-facing FaceTime HD camera with a new sensor and f/2.2 aperture. This front-facing camera can take in 81 percent more light, which results in low-aperture photos. In addition, users are able to take burst mode selfies with the front-facing camera for the very first time! Talk about reaching a new level of #SELFIEGAME #OBSESSELFIE!!

My new, GOLD iPhone offers faster LTE, reaching up to 150 Mbpss in speed. In addition, the device supports Voice over LTE aka. VoLTE, which lets users make better phone calls over LTE. Other than all of these connectivity improvements, the iPhone6 is the first to offer support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This means that the new Wi-Fi is able to connect at lightening speed, 3 times faster than the 802.11n networks. In this case, ALL THAT GLITTERS REALLY IS GOLD, well… for the iPhone 6 at least.


So let me tell you all about my HotelTonight story… Some months back, not to many, I was in Paris for fashion week! One of the most chicest but busiest times for me and anyone else in my industry.. It was the last night and I had messed up on some booking details and didn’t have a hotel.. Not having a hotel during Paris Fashion Week means a) bus shelter or b) bus shelter.. Hotels (at least the nice ones) are sold out from door to door.. Basically it’s #HELL.. I was so afraid and didn’t know what to do and am not comfortable staying at hostels or other places that are not super secure, I am a little petite person you know, so I like to stay safe and refrain from allowing myself to fall into circumstances that might not be so….. appealing.. That being said, my friend said Mike said “don’t you have HotelTonight!?” IM like oh god here we go what is it? He told me about it and I downloaded it right away.. Because i was desperate, didn’t know what to expect and because again..

I was desperate for something.. anything… (4 stars or up of course).. So long behold I get ,the app and am a little frantic at first.. I start scrolling through and find salvation.. Really cool hotels right by the Louvre, 4-stars and up, luxurious and spacious for affordable and budget conscious rates… What I learned is that throughout the day and primarily during the evening hotels cut their rates last minute to book empty rooms and allow the app to share these rates with us the users! #HaLeLuYa…. New best part!?.. They recently vamped up the app because before you could only book the night of! Which yes, is amazing.. But now you can book up to a week in advance so if you want to have let’s say a last minute jump across the pond for a night or two, you can… #ThankYouHotelTonight


Ok EVERYONE and anyone that reads my blog and travels to any other city, country or whatever it may be that incurs obnoxious and almost fraud like charges onto your mobile bills just for using your phone while abroad.. Like you know that feeling when you want to make a call but you are in another country and so you do it then you see the end result and you’re like #OHHELLNO… Well.. Honestly.. You will LOVE me for this.. Because.. STRUGGLE NO MORE!!… ENTER KNOWROAMING.. You guys.. This is no joke.. I have been using this service for months now and it has literally been one of the most amazing experiences about travelling.. I have travelled the world, Jamaica, Sweden, London, Milan, Paris and in the last few months I have been using KNOWROAMING i have NOT PAID ONE ROAMING CHARGE to my wireless provider… The best part is, I have probably used well over tens of thousands of dollars in data and talk time.. I mean, I upload more when I am abroad then when I am home #LIKEHELLO!!!

I have to tell you about KNOWROAMING and the genius technology behind this sticker that will literally change your life… KNOWROAMING is a start up company here in my home town Toronto. They have developed a technology that you apply to your regular sim card.. When you are in your home country nothing happens but once you leave and go abroad KNOWROAMING activates and the magic begins. Here the technology overrides your regular sim card and activated the KNOWROAMING technology and literally frees you from any barriers.. All it takes is an app and a sticker, literally. I am so excited sharing this with you guys right now that I can barely write properly!!!… Carrying on, so you are in a new country, your KNOWROAMING activates, now you are tuned into the extremely exclusive and discounted rates that the company KNOWROAMING has negotiated with international carriers.. Meaning that KNOWROAMING has gone out of their way to talk to phone companies around the world so that when you are abroad you don’t pay the HIGHWAY ROBBERY prices your regular phone provider had you paying.. If you were paying $100 for like 100MB before.. Now you are paying like probably a 80th of what you paid to get x80 what you paid for.. You follow?? It’s actually the craziest thing and literally makes me have a certain disdain for my wireless provider knowing that this was possible… ANYWAYS.. PLEASE CHECK OUT KNOWROAMING and save yourself lots and lots of money…

If you have any more questions check out their website http://www.knowroaming.com or e-mail me/comment and I will be happy to share more of my point of view on this amazing technology!!


If you guys have been keeping up with my escapades over the last few weeks from London to Milan to THE CITY OF LIGHTS, I have been busy runway hopping and capturing all the moments with my new 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 #WINDOWSPHONE camera. Through thick and thin, it has been by my side, documenting every #OMG moment and sharing them literally the same moment as I #OMG lol…

As you can Imagine fashion week is a crazy time and being constantly on the go doesn’t really permit to carry so much uncomfortable heavy products with you.. With that said you can only imagine how excited I was to find out that this #WindowsPhone is the only phone with with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, full HD video #DETAILSBABY and Nokia Rich Recording to capture that #RUNWAYLIFE!!! Aside from that, the fact that I had the power to adjust my camera setting’s ISO, exposure & etc. was amazing and really helped with the dramatic and dark runway settings…

With a 720p HD screen, it’s 43% sharper than your average phone screen. I’ve also been able to chat into the wee hours with its 19 hours of talk time, talk about #BATTERYLIFE! The phone also offers 32 GB of internal storage, ideal for anybody with a TON of pictures/videos/music! Aside from all the technical goodies, obviously what this really comes down to is the Windows 8 interface.. With all the apps (yes there is Instagram now #SNAPSforWINDOWS) and a extremely smooth flow I have had nothing but an amazing experience with this device. Not to mention it get’s signal just about EVERYWHERE! Literally, every corner, crack and alley from Toronto to Paris has proven unable to block my Windows Phone from acquiring it’s signal…

Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.


Okay you guys, do I have some exciting news for you!! In t-minus like 48 hours I will be leaving for EUROPE for the Men’s fashion week and Haute Couture fashion shows in London, Milan & Paris covering shows from Versace & Cavalli to Balmain and Elie Saab! I can’t wait! The best part is that I am teaming up with Windows to showcase and share everything I see from the Windows Phone & Windows Surface devices (above).. I am crazy excited about this because the Windows Nokia Lumia 1020 phone I will be using has been getting a lot of attention for its 41 Megapixel camera #YASSSSSS #RUNWAYLIFE #UPCLOSE&PERSONAL #HIGHQUALITYSWAG.. I will also be syndicating all my content by using the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag so you can stay up to date and in-tune with everything going on across all the social media platforms…. I actually am crazy excited to get myself on that airplane and over to Europe!! I also have some other surprises up my sleeves in the next couple of days! So stay tuned because the #STRUTneverSTOPS haha!! #HowCheesy #YesIJustDid #ImStoppingNow haha!! See y’all at the airport!!! XO

“Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.


The amazing team over at Sony Canada just hooked me up with the new Sony Nex 7 Camera, which I am so excited to try out! I am really digging the size and usability of it! It’s interface is quite easy to get a hang of and the overall design and aesthetic is really dope!! Most importantly, the photo quality is really stunning! I have to say this is a great camera for a blogger and/or someone who is constantly on the go but wants to capture a moment with quality… I will share some photos I capture it in the week! XXJAY


Time to turn to my geeky side. I am beyond elated like literally giggly like a little school girl to find out that at the end of the month T-Mobile will be releasing UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE DATA & TEXT.. This is like, the craziest news I have ever heard. You can now travel the world and not have to worry about annoying data and texting charges. I used to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars and now the answer is finally here. I am not even from the states and I love this! I will be making a much necessary trip to the states to get my hands on this plan!!!!


As you know I currently use the BlackBerry Q10 and have been loving it! It’s been the best companion for TIFF & New York Fashion Week and has allowed me to just get the job done – Whether it be confirming movie appearances and red carpets in Toronto or RSVP’ing yes to my seats in New York for Fashion Week. Another plus to the device is the multi-media capabilities, first being the focus HD camera & video-camera. The camera’s are great and the apps that allow them to shine are equally as MAJOR! I thought I would share the official tutorials of two of my favorite BlackBerry app’s with you, first being Story Maker and second being Time Shift! With Story Maker it’s a few easy steps to building a wicked video comprised of your captured moments on your BlackBerry.. And with Time Shift it’s easy as 1,2,3 to getting the perfect picture moment of you and/or your friends. You can move back and forth in time after you’ve already taken the picture to set the perfect facial expression for the photo! This was ideal when I was shooting runway shows in New York and at red carpet after parties for movies in Toronto! BlackBerry is making it easier and easier to capture, build and share moments whenever, wherever! LOVE! Anyways check out the tutorial videos below!!!


I am constantly on the go, running around all day, making appointments, at appointments taking notes, on set for this or running to meet something for that. To make a long story short, I am a busy bee! I mean, it’s part of what I do! I am always moving and not to sound cheesy or anything but it’s important for me to have a device that can ‘keep moving’ with me.. Enter the BlackBerry Q10 – BlackBerry was kind enough to equip me with their new Q10 device and It couldn’t have come at a better time! It’s probably one of the most busiest times of my year and here I am! I have been trying out the new device and am already finding it to be a necessary part of functioning throughout the day.

If you know me personally then you know I am an original keyboard user! I love a good keyboard on a phone, especially, when it’s most notably, a BlackBerry keyboard. With that being said, the statement is no different when it comes to the new BlackBerry Q10 – The sleek design and easy to hold (may I add) curve of the phone is so major. Also, the keystrokes are perfect to, I just started using it and still am waiting to make a mistake (easy to adjust and utilize to the phone right from the beginning)

Oh & what’s this!?!?!? The new BlackBerry 8 megapixel camera’s have great built in sensitivity, exposure and focus! Also the 3.1-inch screen is a great size and at 320-pixels per inch, it’s even sharper than the iPhone’s Retina display. Blacks are deep, colors are vibrant, and viewing angles are wide. There is also a great camera application called “Time Shift,” which captures multiple shots and lets you choose the best expression for each face from the burst of photos the application took at that time. You can also record 1080p high-definition video or chat with the 2-megapixel lens on the front.

The BlackbBerry hub, a.k.a the central control unit as I like to call it, but better described as a all-in-one space for your updates, e-mails, texts and messages from various sources, is such a “WHY THE HECK WASN’T THIS MADE BEFORE” kind of thing. The ability to check everything all in one central location makes the overall experience that much better and personally keeps me more efficient.. I personally feel like I forget to respond to people less because the message is always in the same place as my other messages so I inevitably pass it again. And it’s basically just easy to use so plusses all around over there.

I am also getting familiar with the apps and one stick out app to me has to be the BlackBerry Story Maker! An easy to use pick and choose style – Movie Maker that automatically pieces togethers selected pictures, audio and video into a functional mini-film! I love it because all I have to do is tap the screen on the pictures/video I want to use, select a song as a layer and then it does all the work! I can’t wait to put together a cool video together for you guys from TIFF!

Overall this device is proving to live up to it’s glorious expectations! It is efficient, easy to use and is doing an amazing job of keeping me organized and connected while on the go and especially at this crazy hectic time during TIFF! I have so much things going on so it’s nice to have a phone who’s alerts actually alert you! I love the sleek and thin design and the overall functions of the device internally. I think it’s safe to say I am just loving my experience with the BlackBerry Q10!