Oh my lord! Am I ever excited about sharing some new goodies with you all! If you haven’t put the pieces together (I mean like hello!) Guess what came in the mail earlier this week! The new Gold Macbook, which I have been very excited about reviewing and testing for the blog, as, this quintessentially is the revival of the MacBook! Remember the MacBook!? The All white pod shaped, friendly looking laptop? Yeah, that’s undoubtedly gone now. Now it’s all about sleek, slim and classic design accompanied by things big and small exactly where they should be!! From the screen and keyboard to the resolution and sound quality. The MacBook is a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading for more!

SIZE & WEIGHT wise, the MacBook is perfect for someone as on the go as I am. At just 2 pounds (923 grams), whether it be between meetings or between cities, MacBook seems to fit itself perfectly into a hectic lifestyle. I mean the new MacBook is Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook ever being that it is 24% thinner than 11-inch MacBook Air and measures 22% less volume than 11-inch MacBook Air. I think it has something to do with the fact that there is only one port in on the whole device. The new USB-C port (see below!)

AS FOR THE KEYBOARD… Being the psychotic speed typer that I am (I just did the 10fastfingers test and got 111 words per minute #KTHANKXBAIIII!!!) – The new MacBook keyboard is literally everything! As I was saying it literally feels like you are typing on a pad of butter. Not only are the keys so much larger (Apple has increased size of the keycaps by 17%) but they are closer to the base of the computer meaning that there is less frequency when transition from key to key and there is 4 times more key stability than our current notebook keyboard. Your fingers feel nothing but a smooth movement. Apple has shared that they have integrated a newly designed butterfly key mechanism -which after some googling has showed me that the key is placed down as oppose to across (remember when your keys would fall off and you would have to like slide them back into place!?)- at least i think that’s it!! ALSO I CAN’T FORGET TO MENTION THE AUDIO… One of my favourite parts!? This bad boy is literally louder or maybe as loud as my bluetooth speakers!! The audio from streaming or from MP3’s is so powerful and still maintains the sounds integrity which I appreciate a lot… I always appreciate a device that can get the party started!!!

AND THEN THERES THE SCREEN/DISPLAY!… Guys, I am like such a nerd, you are learning my typing speeds, my obsession with keyboards, my love and weirdly exact knowledge for weight and dimension of devices.. LORD HAVE MERCY haha!! Ok no seriously, I was so excited to see the new display of the MacBook because Apple has decided to maximize the space available for viewing pleasure meaning there is no more border.. What you now have is an edge to edge glass design giving even more space for display! When I am producing documents or images the new high pixel density (226ppi) of a retina display has increased the sharpness of the details when I am either in PSE (Photoshop Elements or creating proposals with PDF’s! Another plus for me is when I read that the display is 30% more power efficient than our other retina notebooks = more battery life = more geeking out!! YAY!! haha

Other details like the stronger battery life are great to. Apple has incorporated terraced counted cells in the notebook as oppose to a traditional rectangular battery meaning that battery cells line the inside of the MacBook in various spaces allowing 25% more battery capacity than traditional! Basically this means you can wirelessly surf the web for approx. 9 hours or watch 10 hours of movies on iTunes back-to-back.. Easily a flight and then some without having to get your charger! Not a bad gig huh!? Overall, I think the MacBook is a great device and definitely a great upgrade from the MacBook air!

Learn more about the MacBook here: http://www.apple.com/ca/mac/


Vinyl is making a comeback, but for all intents and purposes the reign of cassette tapes is long since over, right? Perhaps not, if Sony has anything to say about it. At today’s International Magnetics Conference (Intermag) in Europe, the company is presenting a method of data storage utilizing magnetic tape which is capable of holding a whopping 148GB per inch.

I have fond memories of walking to my local Wherehouse, stocking up on Maxell XLII-S blank cassette tapes (back me up 80′s kids, these were vastly superior to Memorex), and settling in for a weekend of crafting the most glorious mixtapes imaginable. Sony’s new breakthrough in storage capacity would mean one insanely comprehensive mixtape.

Back in 2012, a collaboration between FujiFilm and IBM IBM -1.84% resulted in prototype cassettes which could hold 35TB of data, and at the time that was considered a monumental accomplishment. Sony’s new method means you could cram 185TB onto a single cassette tape. The average Blu-Ray disc holds 50GB and a standard PC hard drive 1TB. To illustrate just how dramatic this is, here’s a weeks-old tutorial at ExtremeTech detailing how to build your own 180TB hard drive storage array for a measly $9305. To accomplish this, Sony has utilized and enhanced a technology known as “sputter deposition,” which involves drastically shrinking the magnetic particles on the tape.

Obviously the creators of the Walkman aren’t envisioning their new storage technology being used in the consumer space, but Sony says this is way more than an experiment. Magnetic tape is still a viable option for mass data storage and backup, and Sony wants to commercialize their product and bring it to market in the near future.

Story via FORBES


Hey guys! So a lot of people ask me about my skin, a lot of you guys! From how I have my glow, to how my cheeks are so smooth, etc.. So here it is.. Aside from a basic regiment I use that is strictly of Extra-Virgin olive oil (yes, I use extra-virgin olive oil all over my face and body after every shower and at any other opportunities to moisturize) I have been using the new Phillips Shaver Series 9000 to make sure the base of my face (a.k.a facial hair is all GONE GONE GONE!) is naturally at it’s most baby-looking, hairless and clean…

Why I am so adamant about this device is because of all of it’s great features.. From the ability to adjust the speeds, optional shaving heads and most importantly the ability to chose between a dry or wet shave.. I am not going to lie, I tend to just dry shave and go when I am in a rush and because I guess I haven’t done it properly in the past, it has left my skin burning and irritated #NEVERAGAIN… Aside from that it’s a gorgeous device, it’s sleek, clean and just something that definitely is the hottest accessory to hit my bathroom shelves lol!.. I thought this would be an exceptional gift idea.. Now with only a couple days left till the holiday I know it’s coming a bit late noticed but I have to say there is never not a perfect time to give the gift of a clean shave haha!

To purchase or learn more about the Philip Shaver Series 9000 click here.


What could be more fitting than gallivanting around ‘THE 6(Drake voice) with the new iPhone6 in hand? Snapping pictures from wall to wall, plane to party, with family and friends, I have been #OBSESSED with the iPhone 6’s new features! I recently got my paws on the latest iPhone 6, known for it’s newly improved picture quality from “Focus Pixels,” designed to speed up autofocusing by giving more information about the subject being photographed, improved auto image stabilization (which gets rid of THE FUZZIES) from motion, and a front-facing FaceTime HD camera with a new sensor and f/2.2 aperture. This front-facing camera can take in 81 percent more light, which results in low-aperture photos. In addition, users are able to take burst mode selfies with the front-facing camera for the very first time! Talk about reaching a new level of #SELFIEGAME #OBSESSELFIE!!

My new, GOLD iPhone offers faster LTE, reaching up to 150 Mbpss in speed. In addition, the device supports Voice over LTE aka. VoLTE, which lets users make better phone calls over LTE. Other than all of these connectivity improvements, the iPhone6 is the first to offer support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This means that the new Wi-Fi is able to connect at lightening speed, 3 times faster than the 802.11n networks. In this case, ALL THAT GLITTERS REALLY IS GOLD, well… for the iPhone 6 at least.


So let me tell you all about my HotelTonight story… Some months back, not to many, I was in Paris for fashion week! One of the most chicest but busiest times for me and anyone else in my industry.. It was the last night and I had messed up on some booking details and didn’t have a hotel.. Not having a hotel during Paris Fashion Week means a) bus shelter or b) bus shelter.. Hotels (at least the nice ones) are sold out from door to door.. Basically it’s #HELL.. I was so afraid and didn’t know what to do and am not comfortable staying at hostels or other places that are not super secure, I am a little petite person you know, so I like to stay safe and refrain from allowing myself to fall into circumstances that might not be so….. appealing.. That being said, my friend said Mike said “don’t you have HotelTonight!?” IM like oh god here we go what is it? He told me about it and I downloaded it right away.. Because i was desperate, didn’t know what to expect and because again..

I was desperate for something.. anything… (4 stars or up of course).. So long behold I get ,the app and am a little frantic at first.. I start scrolling through and find salvation.. Really cool hotels right by the Louvre, 4-stars and up, luxurious and spacious for affordable and budget conscious rates… What I learned is that throughout the day and primarily during the evening hotels cut their rates last minute to book empty rooms and allow the app to share these rates with us the users! #HaLeLuYa…. New best part!?.. They recently vamped up the app because before you could only book the night of! Which yes, is amazing.. But now you can book up to a week in advance so if you want to have let’s say a last minute jump across the pond for a night or two, you can… #ThankYouHotelTonight


Ok EVERYONE and anyone that reads my blog and travels to any other city, country or whatever it may be that incurs obnoxious and almost fraud like charges onto your mobile bills just for using your phone while abroad.. Like you know that feeling when you want to make a call but you are in another country and so you do it then you see the end result and you’re like #OHHELLNO… Well.. Honestly.. You will LOVE me for this.. Because.. STRUGGLE NO MORE!!… ENTER KNOWROAMING.. You guys.. This is no joke.. I have been using this service for months now and it has literally been one of the most amazing experiences about travelling.. I have travelled the world, Jamaica, Sweden, London, Milan, Paris and in the last few months I have been using KNOWROAMING i have NOT PAID ONE ROAMING CHARGE to my wireless provider… The best part is, I have probably used well over tens of thousands of dollars in data and talk time.. I mean, I upload more when I am abroad then when I am home #LIKEHELLO!!!

I have to tell you about KNOWROAMING and the genius technology behind this sticker that will literally change your life… KNOWROAMING is a start up company here in my home town Toronto. They have developed a technology that you apply to your regular sim card.. When you are in your home country nothing happens but once you leave and go abroad KNOWROAMING activates and the magic begins. Here the technology overrides your regular sim card and activated the KNOWROAMING technology and literally frees you from any barriers.. All it takes is an app and a sticker, literally. I am so excited sharing this with you guys right now that I can barely write properly!!!… Carrying on, so you are in a new country, your KNOWROAMING activates, now you are tuned into the extremely exclusive and discounted rates that the company KNOWROAMING has negotiated with international carriers.. Meaning that KNOWROAMING has gone out of their way to talk to phone companies around the world so that when you are abroad you don’t pay the HIGHWAY ROBBERY prices your regular phone provider had you paying.. If you were paying $100 for like 100MB before.. Now you are paying like probably a 80th of what you paid to get x80 what you paid for.. You follow?? It’s actually the craziest thing and literally makes me have a certain disdain for my wireless provider knowing that this was possible… ANYWAYS.. PLEASE CHECK OUT KNOWROAMING and save yourself lots and lots of money…

If you have any more questions check out their website http://www.knowroaming.com or e-mail me/comment and I will be happy to share more of my point of view on this amazing technology!!


If you guys have been keeping up with my escapades over the last few weeks from London to Milan to THE CITY OF LIGHTS, I have been busy runway hopping and capturing all the moments with my new 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 #WINDOWSPHONE camera. Through thick and thin, it has been by my side, documenting every #OMG moment and sharing them literally the same moment as I #OMG lol…

As you can Imagine fashion week is a crazy time and being constantly on the go doesn’t really permit to carry so much uncomfortable heavy products with you.. With that said you can only imagine how excited I was to find out that this #WindowsPhone is the only phone with with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, full HD video #DETAILSBABY and Nokia Rich Recording to capture that #RUNWAYLIFE!!! Aside from that, the fact that I had the power to adjust my camera setting’s ISO, exposure & etc. was amazing and really helped with the dramatic and dark runway settings…

With a 720p HD screen, it’s 43% sharper than your average phone screen. I’ve also been able to chat into the wee hours with its 19 hours of talk time, talk about #BATTERYLIFE! The phone also offers 32 GB of internal storage, ideal for anybody with a TON of pictures/videos/music! Aside from all the technical goodies, obviously what this really comes down to is the Windows 8 interface.. With all the apps (yes there is Instagram now #SNAPSforWINDOWS) and a extremely smooth flow I have had nothing but an amazing experience with this device. Not to mention it get’s signal just about EVERYWHERE! Literally, every corner, crack and alley from Toronto to Paris has proven unable to block my Windows Phone from acquiring it’s signal…

Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.


Okay you guys, do I have some exciting news for you!! In t-minus like 48 hours I will be leaving for EUROPE for the Men’s fashion week and Haute Couture fashion shows in London, Milan & Paris covering shows from Versace & Cavalli to Balmain and Elie Saab! I can’t wait! The best part is that I am teaming up with Windows to showcase and share everything I see from the Windows Phone & Windows Surface devices (above).. I am crazy excited about this because the Windows Nokia Lumia 1020 phone I will be using has been getting a lot of attention for its 41 Megapixel camera #YASSSSSS #RUNWAYLIFE #UPCLOSE&PERSONAL #HIGHQUALITYSWAG.. I will also be syndicating all my content by using the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag so you can stay up to date and in-tune with everything going on across all the social media platforms…. I actually am crazy excited to get myself on that airplane and over to Europe!! I also have some other surprises up my sleeves in the next couple of days! So stay tuned because the #STRUTneverSTOPS haha!! #HowCheesy #YesIJustDid #ImStoppingNow haha!! See y’all at the airport!!! XO

“Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.


The amazing team over at Sony Canada just hooked me up with the new Sony Nex 7 Camera, which I am so excited to try out! I am really digging the size and usability of it! It’s interface is quite easy to get a hang of and the overall design and aesthetic is really dope!! Most importantly, the photo quality is really stunning! I have to say this is a great camera for a blogger and/or someone who is constantly on the go but wants to capture a moment with quality… I will share some photos I capture it in the week! XXJAY


Time to turn to my geeky side. I am beyond elated like literally giggly like a little school girl to find out that at the end of the month T-Mobile will be releasing UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE DATA & TEXT.. This is like, the craziest news I have ever heard. You can now travel the world and not have to worry about annoying data and texting charges. I used to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars and now the answer is finally here. I am not even from the states and I love this! I will be making a much necessary trip to the states to get my hands on this plan!!!!