In case you aren’t one of the 10,000,000+ people that have already watched this video today then let me introduce you to some whinin’ grindin’ twerkin’ and servin’ courtesy of our very own Drake and bad gal RiRi!! The new 2 part music video (two different music videos which actually just means you get to listen to the song back to back justified) for their anthem to life ‘Work’ just dropped and boy is it cute! Check it out!

According to online sources, Kanye West, has been releasing new music over the last couple of Fridays, today included. Last week, he released ‘FACTS’ where he pretty much followed suit to the song title and laid down facts on facts on facts.. Today he releases ‘REAL FRIENDS & NO MORE PARTIES IN LA’ which is [from my perspective] a relatively calm and cool track where West shares his opinion on friendship, family and some other things nonetheless… Then the track ends and then transitions to it’s second part talking about [I guess..] partying in L.A.- Check out this weeks release below.

Current obsession you ask? Bryson Tiller – Right My Wrong’s slash just Bryson Tiller in general.. This man has got’s to be new current obsession for the month since on account of, I have NOT stopped listening to each and every song from his album ‘TRAPSOUL’ which definitely best describes his very unique fusion of styles that comprise of his music. Enjoy!! Xx