It seems as though I’ve been missing in action for the last XYZ amount of time.. I am kind of dumbfounded as to how just over this past weekend I fully immersed and then equally as fully, fell in love with Sampha! Of course, I am familiar with all the songs he has been featured in or sampled from but after getting some good listening in.. This is now one of my top #FEELS artists! I am so excited for his album to drop February 3!… ALSO just found out that Sample is coming to Toronto in a couple weeks! You can check for tickets here!! IN the mean time.. Enjoy!


Not all things need to be newly released to be new to us.. In this case, I went to The Internet’s concert here in Toronto last year but must of missed this song waiting for ‘Girl’ to play the entire time.. However, now.. I’ve come across this gem and am absolutely hooked!! This makes me want to get back on a plane to Miami and cruise around late night, dewy skin, top dropped, NO RAIN DROPS and good vibes!! OOOOOH!!!!! enjoy xx

When I get hooked on a song.. I GET HOOKED! I get addicted, shaken, not stirred, all sorts of crazy, OBSESSED!!! It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it happens.. IT HAPPENS… Enter Toronto’s Monsieur Desire with Natural Feels.. GIVING ME ALL THE FEELS! You already know I translated this song into a life experience and now I literally GAG over all the straight boys that have come and gone in and out of my life… I feel like it’s about meeting someone and engaging with that person but them not knowing how to handle the situation as it being foreign to them.. Them… having to push through social standards to do what comes natural to them…. IM SHOOK! Listen, vibe out, enjoy! XO

Shortly after the release of his new single Starboy, Toronto’s very own, The Weeknd unveils the follow up track ‘False Alarm’. I’ve never heard anything like this from The Weeknd so it’s exciting to hear a new and strategically random direction!! Can’t wait for what comes next!! [Listen Below]