Alec Monopoly + Tag Heur @ Art Basel 2016 = Mondrian Miami

This past Art Basel, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Watch Division, announced the appointment of super cool American artist Alec Monopoly as Art Provocateur for the brand… That being said… One thing I am exciting about post-Art-Basel-2016 is that when I get back to Miami in a couple weeks for holidays there is going to be this super iconic 50 foot wall tag by Alec Monopoly at the Mondrian Miami a.k.a the hotel y’all know (if you’ve been following) my family (cousins/aunts/uncles/parents/etc.) all have been staying at the last 10 or so years since it’s opened!!! Continue reading for more photos from the event/unveiling!


Speed, Power, Exciting Features, Seamless Design; The new Apple iPhone 7+

IT’s been a couple months now since I got my iPhone 7+ and after now really utilizing it and it basically becoming an extension of me, I am confident and ready to share a couple of favourite things about it! First impressions obviously had me at Hello… The overall aesthetic of the Jet Black were very captivating.. It’s a sexy, sleek and seamless shell with a very alluring darkness to it.. I was torn between the matte black and the jet black but then JUST fell in love with the jet black when I saw it!!!

Of course, I went with the + size, because since going + I have never gone back and I also learnt that the + camera’s have better low light sensitivity which basically translates to better night time Instagram and Snapchat posts!!! Another plus of the overall build of the new device is the new sense of speed I feel while using the device.. Flipping between apps and windows has never been more seamless… Then there is battery life and that storage… Apple is REALLY putting me to the test with all 256 of the gigabytes that are available in the new iPhone’s, I really want to time how long I could go before using all the space (probably NEVER LOL!!).. No but in all honesty.. For someone who is one their phone 24/7 having THAT MUCH SPACE really brings a sense of relief because I don’t feel like I will ever have to be traumatized by the “STORAGE FULL” pop-up ever again (or at least for a very long long time!!!)

iPhone’s 3D touch Peak & Pop feature works seamlessly on new 7 devices

WITHOUT A DOUBT… One of my favourite features of the new iPhone 7+ but mainly a feature of the update (that of course is most easily compatible with the most up to date mainframe) has to be the new intelligence of the photo album… Being able to see memories from different places around the world and/or with certain people you are most photographed with are such a treat.. THE ICING ON THE CAKE!?!??! Being able to get as specific as to search specific cities, specific things like “jackets” “boots” etc.. It’s kinda freaky but freaky in all the right ways!

There are so many other fabulous features that are to be detailed and of course still to be discovered!! So of course, please stay tuned as I share more as I learn 🙂 XOJAY


Apple Presents, Frankie’s Holiday

Apple does it yet again! Off the highlight of last-night’s Drake debut for his Apple Music commercial, Apple shares a heartwarming and I say, always needed reminder to ‘Open your heart to everyone’ especially during the Holiday season!! Apple reimagines the modern day Frankenstien who just wants to get in on the holiday action, using his device to share one of his favourite holiday carols.. OMG SO CUTE I CAN’T!!!! Enjoyyyy & happy holiday season!!!


Unboxing; NIKE Special Field Air Force 1’s

A sneak peak at the Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Sneakers in the Olive Green vs. Gum Sole colour way.


COVER GHOUL ? (Get It!?)

Read a little about this year’s quick & easy Halloween make-up routine!

For Halloween this year I didn’t really do much because…. In all honesty, I had (in my opinion) the most epic costume two years ago and have not been able to top it since so I pretty much feel defeated every year due to the lack of inspiration or idea that could possibly top Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman… That being said, I was on the cusp of LITERALLY not even putting a layer of anything scary on for this years festivities.. BUT.. of course, I couldn’t allow myself to hit that much of a low so I used whatever I had in my drawers and put some faces together, for the Halloween weekend look, I did a more of a cat inspired make up.. On Halloween night I made my attempt at doing a somewhat/kinda pretty glam ghoul skeleton inspired look and quite actually ended up really liking how it turned out.. I ended up using nothing but 2 shades of, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 3 Eyeshadow, 1 of the colours on the NYX Strobe Of Genius Highlighter Palette and a simple felt tip Guerlian Liquid Eyeliner for the entire face!!! It got the point across but still definitely maintained a pretty vibe which (I guess) made it doable for the night!…