Let’s be real! Facial and body hair is something a lot of us glamazons struggle with on the regular, and not everyone can be fortunate enough to get laser hair removal! So for everyone else, we turn to other methods like tweezing, shaving, waxing, and more.

This has been my dilemma – I’m always switching between a bunch of different techniques and can never commit to one that will #JUSTWORK! Some are great for convenience but don’t last long (sometimes my hair grows back within 24 hours!), while others are effective but time consuming (and #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat). Some hair removal methods even require you to hit up the spa or salon, but the idea of having to get ready and then trek back home afterwards does not make it worth it.

It’s taken me a while to figure this all out but I think I have finally found the perfect balance between all three! It’s the convenience of shaving, with the results of waxing all in one! Allow me to introduce you to the new SatinTouch Precision Epilator and Satinelle Prestige hair removal tools from Philips!



I have been using these two goodies for quite some time now – the SatinTouch for sensitive areas (like on my face) and the Satinelle Prestige on my body, primarily focusing on the legs and chest area. The results have been great and the convenience of the products themselves is amazing. The SatinTouch for the facial area is an accelerated version of tweezing with the smooth results of shaving, minus the extreme ripping and pulling pain of waxing! I have brought it to New York and Miami with me and it has been the best travel companion. While the Satinelle Prestige has been great for getting super smooth legs that last an entire trip, not having to constantly maintain my look throughout the week because of unwanted hair growth is such a relief! Especially since I’m always on the go! Now you may think I’m crazy because let’s be real, epilation isn’t exactly pain free, but it’s worth it for the results!


I normally like to perform the process early in the morning before the day starts, that way I have time to be precise with the hair removal process! And let’s face it… at the end of the day it’s still an epilator, so getting ready in the morning gives my skin the time it needs to heal, and when I apply make-up or any products to my skin, there will be no irritation! I have definitely learned that the key ingredient to success with the epilating process is to prep your skin with taking a nice shower (or bath!) and exfoliating prior to use! That way your pores are opened up and the extractions are that much easier! Pairing that with proper epilating technique equals amazing results, especially since both the devices firmly grab hair by the root!

I really enjoy the SatinTouch and Satinelle Prestige epilators and hope you guys do as well! Learn more about Philips Beauty’s products here.


This post is a paid partnership with Philips in promotion
of their new SatinTouch and Satinelle Prestige epilator tools.


So as you may know I was in Paris not to long ago during the Spring/Summer 2018 Runway season and I just really wanted to take a minute to talk about how intense of a trip this was for me! Not because of the fashion, the city, the etc. it was because I took the step in the natural evolution that has been happening in my life right now! If you follow me I’m sure you can imagine that I am talking about my slow but steady transition to a more feminine aesthetic.. Which again, if you follow me, you will have undoubtedly noticed. That being said, it was this exact moment/day/time/break during Paris that was that last moment before the next step and it’s so crazy to think how such little personal decisions can change the entire way you see the world and the way the world sees you… to be continued..


I don’t know what it is, but as of late, I have been craving a new piece of jewelry. I was thinking of upgrading something that I already have. Then it hit me, instead of a specific piece of jewelry, why not get something a little different like a watch. Since coming to this realization I’ve been in the market scanning, scoping, and doing my research on all the different luxury watch brands and keep gravitating towards the classic Rolex. There is no doubt that it is one of the most iconic and well-known watch brands so I thought to myself “Why not start there!” I’ve been searching the web and while browsing I came across Bob’s Watches. To my surprise, WSJ dubbed them as “One of the largest watch trading sites” – And saw such an amazing selection of Rolex’s available! I was/am shook by the selection, how many options, link styles, face colours, bezels, etc. That being said, I haven’t decided if I want to go with a modern or a vintage Rolex. I am going to continue to do my research and hopefully will have some new goodies to share with you guys soon!!!


NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick NARS Audacious Collection

Exciting news from my friends over at NARS! For Fall 2017 the iconic beauty brand is pleased to announce two new launches! First and for the first time ever, NARS is introducing foundation sticks with the launch of the ‘Velvet Matte Foundation Stick‘. Available in 20 shades, here we have [from top to bottom] Trinidad, Barcelona, Stromboli and Ceylan! I guess they are all named of exotic locations around the world! I personally did a swatch test on my skin of the products and I can’t believe how they literally GLIDE on and are so pigmented which means I will basically be using these as concealers for the most part and blending with liquid foundations because they are soooo creamy! Can always count on NARS for that! Another plus about these foundation sticks, the opposite end of the product is a touch up blending brush head which means you can blend it in with the same tool! #IMSHOOK!! Definitely can’t wait to beat a whole face with this!


The second launch is where “attitude finds artistry” in the new ‘NARS Audacious Collection‘ featuring a total-control ‘Audacious Mascara’ which separates, lengthens and amplifies lashes in rich jewel tones from purple to a reddish brown to a navy (see above) to a black satin.. The collection is also accompanied by six ultra-saturated shades of ‘Audacious’ lipstick high in pigment and full in coverage! I got Vieke and Louise (see above!)


Learn more about NARS Foundation sticks [here]

& learn more about the NARS Audacious collection [here]