Speaking of YSL Beauty


Well speaking of YSL beauty products I actually just got a lovely package in the mail rom my lovely friends over at the brand and can not wait to get acquainted with the brand as this will be my first dive into all things YSL Beauté! Im very excited and can already say that I ALREADY love just the packaging alone haha! Such golden gorgeousness lol! Actually wait, I just caught my self in a LIE! LOL!! I just realized that I actually just used the Touche Éclat highlighting concealer stick over the weekend for THIS but otherwise that is it! SO I am excited to try everything else out ESPECIALLY the two things I shot above a.k.a the ‘Couture Variation 10-Color Eye Palette in Palette 4, Underground‘ and the ‘Les Sahariennes Bronzing Powder Shade 2 Fire Opal‘ – SO this means, stay tuned as I work it out with these new goodies!!!! XOJAY

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