O.k. update time…. Finally back and all settled in from the last few months of travelling and excited to start a new chapter of content and collaborations… But first, can I address something? Is it me.. Or has the last bit of time… and today specifically just FLOWN BY.. I swear I feel like it was the morning just a couple hours ago, and now it’s 7:00PM here in Toronto and here I am writing this… It scares me a little bit.. Time, just flying before my own eyes.. I don’t want to let time fly.. I want to live in the time!! Another thing is HOW majora is this photo taken by my guy Brett Clarke, one of my favorite photogs in the city!! Another thing I love about this pic is that it completely showcases where I am right now with my current state of gender/beauty/style/etc.. This is literally me in a nutshell! One thing I really am going to focus on, which really has been a part of me since I’ve started, is the entire androgynous/unisex/genderless approach to fashion, style, beauty & everything else I can get my paws on… I think it’s important to give this sector a voice, especially in social media and along sides with brands because when you really think about it.. There isn’t a real set place for someone like me.. I mean when I first started blogging it really was about personality, charisma, energy and who you were.. Now I feel like everyone is the same.. Everyone is doing the same thing, dressing the same, being one single isotope, they  might have a couple different neutrons but all there protons are the same.. And it’s becoming a problem because brands are getting comfortable working with comfortable instead of working with outside of the box and out there… I have been very blessed and fortunate to be able to have worked with and continue to work with the brands that I do and I hope that I can continue to push the boundaries for myself, and of course, those to come!!! Anyways.. Stay tuned for more posts coming up, gonna share some of my favourite moments from the Chanel show I attended in Paris a couple weeks ago (which I haven’t shared on my instagram) as well as whatever comes next, I guess :):) <3 Love you all so much!!! XOJAY


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