Like, Realizing Stuff

2017 is in full swing and it’s so crazy that we are already in February… Where the hell did January already go!? Am I at the point in my life where days fly by, time moves faster? If so, which I think I am because #WELLDAMN.. I am training myself to look outside the window more, smell the air more, smile at people more because all these moments we get that we overlook are, before you know it, going to be gone, and truthfully so, so will we.. So one of my big goals for 2017 is to quite literally in every way possible “Stop and smell the roses” just that much more… Anyways.. Here is a quick little snap from behind the scenes during the cute little photo-shoot I did the other day with NYX Cosmetics here in Toronto WHICH EVEN IN BLACK AND WHITE you can LITERALLY still SEE MA HIGHLIGHTER POPPIN ON MY CHEECK BONES LIKE YASSSSSSS GAWD!!!!! Now.. time to pack my bags and off to the next!! Stay tuned for where 🙂 XOJAY

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