Unboxing The #Hermes Swift Leather ‘Kelly Cut’ Clutch with Silver Palladium Hardware

Am I ever excited to share with you the newest addition to my Hermes collection! I am still in a state of disbelief that I was able to acquire this beautiful piece so quickly and effortlessly.. As I’ve read and been told in the past, the Hermes Kelly Cut (the clutch version of the Hermes Kelly Bag) is one of the rarest leather bags to acquire from Hermes, mainly because it’s produced in such low quantities in comparison to the (of course, iconic) Birkin & Kelly bags. From some insight that I received and overheard since inquiring about acquiring this piece, I learned that at the Madison Avenue store in Manhattan they had only received about 11 Kelly Cut bags this year so far which when you really think about it is quite crazy considering the the volume of the other products they have even including Birkin’s & Kelly’s. I personally fell in love with the bag quite some time ago after seeing it countless times flaunted ever so chicly by it’s wearers… I made my inquiry about a month and a half ago for my dream Kelly Cut bag.. It would have to be in silver hardware and black swift leather which I thought would be so edgy, simple and chic AND of course, go perfect with my mountain of leather jackets and leather pants!!! AND fast forward a month and a half later and there it was! Exactly what I wanted (my FIERCE little dream!)… Keep scrolling below to see a few more pics of the bag being unboxed!!

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