The Piece De Resistance ???? #STRUTwithCHANEL

These just might be two of my biggest obsessions right now!! Say hello to my little friends… THE EPIC Runway Chanel Shield sunglasses which I am literally swearing by.. Because.. If you know me.. Than you know how PICKY I am with sunglasses.. These definitely are a standout frame for me!!.. And then… of course… There is… The piece de resistance…. The iconic Chanel Film Projector Camera Handbag that literally gives me the same feeling of excitement in real life as when I saw it on the runway for the Paris / Rome collection.. I thought I would pay my best personal homage to this bag and collection by wearing a strong classic dark and chic look read: my every day uniform in spirit of the Paris / Rome collection and in celebration of yet another iconic bag from the house of Chanel! I can’t wait to share more of these amazing pieces with you!! I was going to do product shots first.. But I couldn’t resist.. I had to give the LEWKSSSSSSS!!!

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