The New Ritz Bar

Im currently on this airplane home from New York… Stuffing my face with snacks right now and seriously… At this moment all I can think about is the delicious lunch I had a bit ago at the new Ritz Bar, here at The Ritz Carlton, Toronto. Just thinking about the authentic Peruvian flavors, the sauces (Oh you already know I LOVED the sauces) has my mouth watering right now. The Ritz Bar brought in a new concept that we definitely needed in Toronto with their Peruvian inspired Tapas style menu. Each dish has the right sauces to make your senses experience the rich flavour with every bite. ALSO.. You know how I’m all about those cocktails, so you can only imagine my excitement when the Ritz Bar created a handcrafted cocktail menu that incorporates Peru inspired flavors to complement each dish I was having. Enough food daydreaming right now, I can’t wait to get back to Toronto and indulge at the Ritz Bar, again!

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