HELLO 2016!!! Another year has passed and another year comes to fill our lives with new experiences, journeys, stories, adventures, love and……. & whatever else comes along the way… That being said, yes, I was a little bit absent from my blog the last couple of weeks as I was on my annual holiday vacation to Miami… It’s here where I really had the chance to think about what I want for myself next year… I mean.. This year now… what I can see myself doing, what I really want to achieve… I say that because Miami really makes me dream, especially when I am in the design district.. All the glamour, the fashion the luxury..It really helps you keep your sense of standards set high..I feel like luxury and fashion always do that to me.. They keep me dreaming and keep motivated… That’s why I love coming here….Then.. there’s the other side of the spectrum.. The side where… Maybe I am afraid I won’t reach my goals, maybe, I won’t be able to acquire all that I want in 2016….What if no body want’s to follow me anymore in 2016? What if no one cares? What if, what if, what if….So many what if’s from so many different sides.. But oh well.. Can’t live in fear, can we….. All I personally know is that no matter what, everything happens for a reason.. Right!? So.. It’s time to get to work and enjoy the ride!! To everyone reading this!! Happy 2016… Let’s get it!..

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