The Colour of COS Spring/Summer 2016

Jacket – COS

If you know me then you know I..HAVE..MY..UNIFORM… You know.. My little black top and little black leather jacket, etc.. etc… BUT up until recently I have probably been going far beyond even my own expectations and venturing into the realm of the unknown.. i.e. soft, light, pastel-ish colours… I always make such a big deal about wearing something besides black because to me it really is a big deal!!!!… That being said… Here, my friends, is exhibit B, in the last post I wore a grey monochromatic look to the Saks opening AND HERE I am wearing a beautiful blush tone jacket from one of Toronto’s newest addition to the Mink Mile, COS – I wore this beautiful blush 3/4 length jacket to the 2016 Notable Awards the other night and I have to say.. THE BLUSH.. LEFT ME BLUSHING BOO BOO!! Not only do I a) now LOVE this colour against my skin-tone and want to wear it 1,000,000x over (I mean, technically I knew it would be fierce BUT I literally was to shy to wear it because it was so foreign for me! I KNOW FML…) but it seemed to be a hit with everyone to! I had countless compliments not only on the colour, but the flow and texture as well… This piece is from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and is actually the jacket from their lookbook, LOOK 7 AND is going to be dropping in stores soon.. I definitely am so excited for all the light neutral tones that are extremely prevalent this coming season so stay tuned!!!

photo x George Pimentel

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