OMG GUYS IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!! I have officially moved into my own place!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even believe it myself.. I am literally just like looking around as I’m typing this an am all like WTF!? I am officially that person that like goes out to clubs and stores, events & etc.. and is like… Instead of looking at clothes or whatever is happening, I’m like… Oh damn.. Where can I get those light fixtures!? hahahaha!!!! I am also officially that person that is like a clean freak (I mean.. I was pretty clean and organized before.. but now)… I am constantly cleaning, tidying up, everything has to be in tip top form and in right in place haha!!! That being said.. One thing I can’t stop doing.. IS VACUUMING lol!! I am a freak of nature… I am not just saying this.. But I actually think it’s because of the fact I am totally obsessed with my new Dyson v6 Absolute Vacuum!!! YASSS!! Anyways… I am completely a home body now (kinda/not) and can NOT wait to share more, more and more of my place and all the things I will be doing with my new space!!!! <3<3<3<3

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