Eyewear, Saint Laurent 001 Sunglasses / Shorts, Balmain / Henley, H&M / Boots, Chanel / Bag, Hermes Kelly Cut/


Nothing like a gorgeous summer stroll in one of your favourite neighbourhoods in New York!!! While wandering around the city streets I stumbled upon this cool little nook to take some shade which ended up leading into a vintage market (right behind the plastic curtains behind me) somewhere off like Spring street or something and of course, turned it into a photoshoot!!! I have to say with the extreme heat that was hitting Manhattan, this quickly became my casual but cool uniform and honestly.. I don’t think I’ve talked about this yet, but I can’t stress how hard it was for me to find a new pair of sunglasses that would go with my style since loosing my vintage Gianfranco Ferre’s I got from Vintage Frames a few years ago!! Luckily, I finally found these new Saint Laurent’s which have been the perfect companion for blocking out the HATERS (& the sun of course!!!! LOL!!!!)… I actually ended up getting this pair from which was a great decision because I couldn’t actually find them anywhere in real life (they were sold out everywhere all the time!) – SmartBuy is great because they always have stock of amazing and exclusive styles, check out their Summer Style Guide, here to see some of their essentials for the rest of the hot season :):)… Otherwise, UGH.. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE NEW YORK!?…. After all the countless trips in the past and these three weeks, I am still head over heels!!! *le sigh*

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