In The Press; On The Cover of the Globe & Mail ‘Globe Style’ Section!

Since starting my blog I have been so fortunate to receive some really great press, and of course, I’ve received some not so great but HEY! You know what they say.. All press is good press (in most cases)…. Last month I had an amazing interview with The Globe & Mail.. Which I would say is like the Canadian version of like the New York Times or Washington Post… We had a great conversation about the topic of the ‘influencer’ industry.. Fast forward to this past weekend and you can only imagine the shock I experienced when I saw that I had the honour of being on the cover of the STYLE section for the weekend edition of the paper.. What I thought, was going to be a few little quotes in an article turned out to be an excellent source of dialogue about a topic I am very passionate about and not to mention a good ol’ cover! I am still in awe of this amazing opportunity and am definitely crazy appreciative! Thank you G&M!

Read the full article here

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